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Altitude ≤4000m
Ambient Humidity range for usage and storage 5% ~ 85°CRH
Ambient temperature range for usage and storage -40°C ~ +85°C
Auxiliary contacts(▲6) Yes
Coil polarity Yes
Contact arrangement Double make contacts(SPST-NO-DM)
Contact bounce time(at 20 °C) 5ms Max.(▲3)
Contact resistance(initial) 0.2mΩ Max.( at rated current)
Electrical life(▲2, ▲4) See load cut-off electrical life curve.
Energy-saving circuit board Yes
Insulation resistance Initial state: 100MΩ Min. (▲1) and End of lifetime:50MΩ Min. (▲1)
Maximum breaking current(only 1 breaking is allowed) 3300A 320 Vdc
Mechanical life 200 000 times(▲5)
Operation Mode Power-driven
Product category Contactor
Pull-in time(at 20 °C ) 240ms Max.(▲3)
Rated control capability 600A 750 Vdc(▲2)
Rated duty Uninterrupted duty
Rated short term tolerable of current and duration 700A 600 sec or 1000A 60 sec or 1500A 20 sec
Rated working voltage 9-36Vdc, 32-95Vdc
Rated working voltage (Ue) 12-900Vdc
Release time (at 20 °C) 20ms Max.(▲7)
Security certificate CE, CCC, UL
Segmented media type Inert gas
Shock 20G Peak, 11ms 1/2 Sine wave(coil energized)
Type of current Direct current (DC)
Vibration 20G Peak, 80~2000Hz,Sine wave
Weight 930±10g
impulse withstand voltage(initial) between the contact and the coil AC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(Sea level)
impulse withstand voltage(initial) between the contacts AC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(Sea level)

▲1: The measured voltage is DC500V; the test position is the same as the media withstand voltage.

▲2: Load class: DC-1, L / R ≤ 1 ms.

▲3: Coil exert rated working voltage, with contact bounce.

▲4: Rated control capacity, on and off conversion frequency, ON:OFF=1 second:9seconds.

▲5: ON and OFF conversion frequency,ON:OFF = 0.5 second : 0.5 second.

▲6: Auxiliary contact parameter:2A@30VDC/3A@125VAC,600Vac 50/60Hz1min.

▲7: Coil exert rated working voltage, without freewheeling diode.

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