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Altitude ≤4000m
Ambient Humidity range for usage and storage 5% ~ 85°CRH
Ambient temperature range for usage and storage -40°C ~ +85°C
Auxiliary contacts(▲6) Yes
Coil polarity No
Contact arrangement Double make contacts(SPST-NO-DM)
Contact bounce time(at 20 °C) 7ms Max.(▲3)
Contact resistance(initial) 1mΩ Max.( at 1A)
Electrical life(▲2, ▲4) 8 x 1 000 times Min.
Energy-saving circuit board No
Insulation resistance Initial state: 100MΩ Min. (▲1) and End of lifetime:50MΩ Min. (▲1)
Maximum breaking current(only 1 breaking is allowed) 600A 450 Vdc
Mechanical life 1 000 000 times(▲5)
Operation Mode Power-driven
Product category Contactor
Pull-in time(at 20 °C ) 25ms Max.(▲3)
Rated control capability 100A 450 Vdc(▲2)
Rated duty Uninterrupted duty
Rated short term tolerable of current and duration 140A 600 sec or 180A 60 sec
Rated working voltage 6Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 28Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc,72Vdc
Rated working voltage (Ue) 12-900Vdc
Release time (at 20 °C) 12ms Max.(▲7)
Security certificate CE, CCC, UL
Segmented media type Inert gas
Shock 20G Peak, 11ms 1/2 Sine wave(coil energized)
Type of current Direct current (DC)
Vibration 20G Peak, 80~2000Hz,Sine wave
Weight 190±5g
impulse withstand voltage(initial) between the contact and the coil AC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(Sea level)
impulse withstand voltage(initial) between the contacts AC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(Sea level)

▲1: The measured voltage is DC500V; the test position is the same as the media withstand voltage.

▲2: Load class: DC-1, L / R ≤ 1 ms.

▲3: Coil exert rated working voltage, with contact bounce.

▲4: Rated control capacity, on and off conversion frequency, ON:OFF=1 second:9seconds.

▲5: ON and OFF conversion frequency,ON:OFF = 0.5 second : 0.5 second.

▲6: Auxiliary contact parameter:2A@30VDC/3A@125VAC,600Vac 50/60Hz1min.

▲7: Coil exert rated working voltage, without freewheeling diode.

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