Zhang Gong column: Model 3, let me know Tesla again

Posted 2021-03-02 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, I saw a lot of model 3 on the street, because I had tried to drive the first generation of the earliest and, I felt that the driving quality, comfort and handling linearity were very poor, and I thought the default model 3 was about the same, I planned to borrow a model 3 (standard endurance) try to criticize these people for being illiterate. However, I took a turn from my friend's underground garage and was stunned. After a few kilometers of deep experience, I was shocked. The suspension of model 3 can't be more sporty at the same level, so objectively, the first one is to compare it with pure steel cannon (A45 AMG, 718 and M2), and the second one is to compare it with four door car at the same level (BMW New 3 Series). For readers who have problems with reading comprehension or who love to leave messages with poor eyes, please read the preconditions in the front line and then tap your keyboard. As for the long-range comfort of four-wheel drive mentioned by many people in the comments, a friend who specializes in suspension adjustment also thinks that his dual motor The suspension is not very good, silly and hard, but after driving this domestic rear drive version, he thinks it has been greatly improved. I haven't driven any other versions, so the suspension experience mentioned in this article only represents the domestic rear drive standard endurance version. At the same time, I also studied it, because the vehicle weight of each version is very different. The dual motor is 200 times heavier than the rear drive version In order to ensure the stability of the body, the spring stiffness and damping force of the dual motor version will be much larger. If you check the website of accessories, you will find that each version has its own unique part number. In addition, although the model 3 The official hasn't changed the model, but even in the same version, Tesla has been iterating over the version of suspension hardware. The adjustment and driving experience will vary due to the different delivery dates. Please see the screenshot below for the source (my car review only describes the actual driving and using experience for you Information that can be easily found on the Internet, such as the price, size and space, I don't give you the code data like most car reviewers. Zhang Gong's simple car rating system (beta): 1 point - parts or functions are faulty, 2 points - disgusting, 3 points - poor, 4 points - poor, 5 points - improvement space, 6 points - acceptable, 7 points - good, 8 points - very good, 9 points - leading, 10 points at the same level - unprecedented scoring needs to consider the model and market The positioning is only comparable between similar models. The suspension comfort is 8 points (compared with the performance car with the same control) and 6 points (compared with the four door car with the same price). Although this is only an entry-level standard endurance model 3, I have never driven a car with such flexibility as splitting and bending line changing, which can ensure the comfort level of ordinary household cars. It is reasonable to say that very good steering response and roll control need to sacrifice comfort in exchange. Although Model3 has a very clear sense of the road, you can feel the existence of each big pit and joint on the rotten Road, but at the same time, because the absorption of impact is very round, the big pit and ridge have been weakened into small protrusions and joints on the road when they are transferred to the bottom of the passengers in the car. In short, you know that you've pressed a lot of things, but the size of the potholes you feel is much smaller than it actually is. The road under Songze Avenue in Xujing is built, running under the speed limit without fear. When Kaman r drives here for more than 40, it will be turned upside down. At the same time, the body of model 3 will shake to a certain extent on the rotten Road, but the linearity of shaking is very high. Unlike some performance cars passing through pits and seams, shaking left and right will bring the tearing feeling that makes the passengers in the car at a loss. The flexibility of the action when passing through the undulation and bridge deck joint will make you even ignore the existence of the road input. The vehicle body will not be thrown up when going on the bridge, and will not feel too much compression when going off the bridge. Many vehicles of the same level will swing up and down several times after being thrown up or compressed after the so-called localization adjustment, and then the stability will be restored. Model3's treatment on the body attitude control It can be described as a one-off, and unlike some performance vehicles in the upper and lower deck joints, although it can be done very close to the ground, it will bring a strong sense of pull-up and pull-down at the same time, making the stomach of the passengers in the vehicle quickly move up and down. However, the setting of model 3 with high damping and high tire pressure will occasionally cause some slight vehicle movement on the seemingly flat road surface, which makes the overall driving experience very tense at all times. In general, the comfort adjustment of model 3 has no hard damage. When it comes to hard injury, there's a digression here. I opened a brand new Audi A6L some time ago, When the rear axle passes through the ups and downs and pits, it will sink rapidly and excessively due to the insufficient compression damping. Then it will be pulled up again because the rebound damping is too large. The rear passengers will experience the non-linear up and down movement continuously. At the same time, the rear suspension will often touch the compression stroke limit on the broken road, sending out a strong bang against the shock absorber block Strike. If you buy this kind of car and let the driver drive it, sitting in the back row will cost you a lot of money. In order to improve the feeling of the rear passengers, lengthen the wheelbase. As a result, the suspension needs to be readjusted due to the change of the vehicle weight due to the lengthened wheelbase. As a result, the suspension is not adjusted properly. Although the space is large, it is hard for the car to move and sit. This is hard injury. Suspension controllability: 8 points (compared with the performance car with the same control) 10 points (compared with the four door car with the same price) for the driving sense of model 3, for example, it's probably the combination of several best sports cars and performance cars - Alfa Romeo Giulia's general sharp and agile steering response, Porsche Cayman For general roll control, the balance playability and out of turn traction can be quickly changed by the throttle in and out of the curve. Audi S3 is generally comfortable and through in daily suspension, but at the same time, any car mentioned above can not bring the driving sense of the other two cars at the same time, but model 3 does. When the model 3 is changing the line or turning, a little more pressing the accelerator can obviously feel that the rear of the car will take the initiative to bring a little slip to help you cross the corner more actively, straighten the direction earlier, and even have the same dynamic when entering the corner with the brake. This kind of slip comes more than the Golf GTI, but smaller than the megana RS, similar to the fox rs The positive but controllable rear reaction after choosing the track mode, however, makes me feel that it's a model 3 with the lowest matching rear drive. Why give him 8.5 instead of 9? Because when it comes to control, it's not only about the control in the daily traffic flow, but also about the control in the limit. Because there is no mechanical limited slip differential (LSD), the car will still expose the situation that the driver can't change the direction of the whole vehicle through the accelerator when stretched on the limit for a long time and bent too long. BMW M2 At this time, the driver can adjust the car between understeer and oversteer through the accelerator, but the model 3 performance version can achieve 9 points in track mode, but it is not the main character of this evaluation. The hand adjustment of model 3 and the previous model X and model s are totally another style. The X and s steering hand force built before is a big U-shape. When changing lanes, the gain of hand force and the response of the car are completely separate. In the middle, I feel virtual and inaccurate. When I reach a large angle, I feel heavy and can't break it. The steering wheel grip is also a mess, as if holding a big basin. However, when the model 3 turns to the heavy central area, it makes you feel very stable. After you really hit out in one direction, the force gain and the response of the car body can be perfectly matched. Driving the model 3 through the traffic flow to change lanes as if you are running in the crowd, and all the movements of the vehicle perfectly echo the muscles of the driver's arms. When driving at low speed, model 3 deliberately makes the return force at a large angle weaker, creating the feeling that the driver needs to break a handle because of the kingpin angle and friction force when driving at low speed, but the range and grip are particularly in place, which does not affect the convenience of daily driving. The diameter of the steering wheel is very small, just like the formula racing car. The shape of the place where the hands on both sides of the steering wheel will hold is very close to the palm of the hand, which gives the driver a sense of connection and integration of the hand embedded in the steering wheel. Brake 8 points: the foot feel of the brake is very moving. The pedal itself doesn't have too much travel. It can make very delicate control. Basically, it depends on the pressure of the pedal to directly control the size of the braking force. When the pedal is depressed, the matching between the braking force and the pedal force is also very linear. Unlike many household cars now, the pedal travel is very long and the initial stage is very soft. At the beginning, the pedal doesn't slow down much, but it can be stepped on At a certain point, the pedal didn't sink, but the deceleration of the car suddenly increased. The car was stopped, and everyone in the car leaned back a while ago. A good brake pedal should be like the driver stepping on the caliper piston to push the brake pad directly with his foot. The harder he steps on it, the stronger the deceleration is. Tesla does a very good job. However, the pedal is a little hard at the initial stage. When he gently steps on the brake to slow down, he feels that he can't step on it a little. The power and transmission system respond very fast in 8 minutes, and the linearity between the accelerator pedal and the power output is very good. Unlike some electric vehicles, you can't fully accelerate until you step on the oil for a half second Basically, you will react at the moment when you start to step on it. As for the acceleration ability, this model 3 with the lowest configuration can fully meet the needs of daily driving. The efficiency of daily driving is better than S3. The height of the left and right armrests of the human-computer interaction 8 driver is the same, and the elbow can easily hold the steering wheel on the armrest, which is very suitable for long-distance driving. The seat package is good, the lateral support is enough, the cushion has a certain sense of embedment, and the hair turning texture on the door is good. There's nothing in the interior except a screen, so there's nothing to interact with. I think if the screen can be retracted back and forth, it's convenient for the driver to touch all the instructions on the screen without leaving the armrest. Now the next row of menu operations can not lift the elbow, but the upper part of the screen still needs to lift the elbow to touch. Air conditioning and other common menus can't be operated directly without raising your elbow. Disadvantages: the road noise is more than that of Datong level four door car But in the performance car, after a few minutes of sitting in a row, I felt my scalp was burning. This panoramic sunroof can't be opened. To be honest, it's a bit of a chicken ribs. I'd rather have a sunroof that can be opened without panoramic view and with sunshade. There is no locating pin in the cup holder, and the cup holder is too shallow. When you put a bottle of water around, you can only put a coffee cup. The input method of navigation can't be associated with Pinyin. You can only put one word into the car to navigate to the intersection without Lane display. When you encounter complex intersections and ramps, you don't bring schematic summary and digressions: people often tangle about model 3 and ES6, the answer is simple, Model3 It's a pure performance car that can arouse the driver's strong desire to drive. If you are most concerned about the driving experience of people and vehicles in one hand when you buy a car, you don't need to consider any other competitors at the same level at all, but if your demand for a car is that you drive comfortably and relax and need to travel with your family frequently and never need to be on the street Saloon but also have enough power to easily overtake, almost the price of Weilai ES6 is a better choice. It's not how bad the ES6 controls, it's

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