Zero run T03 will be officially launched on May 11 with a range of 403km

Posted 2020-11-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, aika automobile learned through official channels that the Zero run T03 will be officially launched on May 11. As the first product of T platform, the new car will be equipped with Heracles electric drive assembly independently developed by Zero run, with a maximum power of 55kW (75ps), a maximum torque of 155nm and an official acceleration data of 0-50km / h of 5S. At the same time, with high-performance lithium, the energy density of pack is up to 171wh / kg, and the endurance of NEDC under comprehensive working condition is up to 403km. In terms of appearance, the Zero run T03 adopts a very cute design style, and a large number of circular elements are expected to be favored by more female consumers. In terms of details, it adopts the enclosed front grille which is often used in electric vehicles, and the elliptical headlights show its lovely nature cleverly. In terms of the rear part, the car also adopts a more lovely design route, while the black rear surround adds a sense of movement. In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of the Zero run T03 is very simple. The full LCD Meter and large-scale central control LCD screen are the very mainstream configuration at present, while highlighting a good sense of technology. The Zero run T03 is equipped with the leap on intelligent car machine system, which is composed of 8-inch full LCD Meter and 10.1-inch central control screen, and can realize the interaction of two screens. The central control touch screen adopts the suspended design, integrates the functions of navigation, multimedia, air conditioning and vehicle settings, and has a high degree of integration. In addition, the Zero run T03 is equipped with L2 level intelligent driving assistance unique to the same level. The whole vehicle is equipped with the hardware foundation of "3 cameras + 1 millimeter wave radar + 11 ultrasonic radar" and up to 10 auxiliary functions, including APS intelligent parking system, ACC adaptive cruise system, LDW Lane departure warning system, LKA lane keeping assistance system, FCW front collision warning system, AEB automatic emergency system Brake system, etc. In terms of power, the Zero run T03 has a power performance of 55kW (75ps) / 155nm, with the highest efficiency of 94.9%, 2% higher than the industry average. Two battery versions will be provided, with battery capacity of 31kwh and 38kwh respectively, and corresponding NEDC comprehensive endurance mileage of 300km and 403km respectively. The new car uses the Ningde era high-performance lithium battery, with the pack energy density of up to 171wh / kg. The energy recovery system can increase the NEDC range by 15% - 25%.

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