You may buy more than just a car. Tell me about Tesla's car service revolution

Posted 2020-11-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

As a pioneer of electric vehicle landing and popularization, with high-end, science and technology, solid brand power and product strength, it has broken through in the Chinese market. It has not only made a huge breakthrough, but also grew against the trend with performance superior to the industry average level. On April 22, Tesla China held the second "t-talk" lecture. The editor was invited to Tesla Yizhuang delivery center. This time, the main topic of discussion was "Tesla's automobile service revolution". Let's explain to you what Tesla's "t-talk" lecture hall is. T-talk lecture is an offline activity initiated by Tesla. The official regularly invites people from all walks of life to talk about the current situation of the industry, technology development, product technology and car building concept of Tesla. 1、 Tesla's service: the best service is the service mode of 4S shop without interruption. I believe you have known it for a long time, but many people may not know what Tesla's service mode is? Tesla's service model is more like splitting the 4S store into three parts: first, the direct experience store, which is in charge of pre-sales consultation and test drive; second, the service center we came to, which is in charge of delivery and after-sales; third, the official website, where all vehicle sales are placed on the official website, and the national unified price is implemented. Each of the three plays its own role. There is no relationship of interest and competition among them. Everything goes back to the essence of service. Therefore, the disadvantages that the two 4S store models of "price opacity" and "profit after sale" cannot be eradicated are fundamentally eliminated. It makes all these open and transparent. Therefore, when we buy a car, we don't have to work hard to compare and negotiate prices everywhere, and directly place an order on the official website; when we do after-sales maintenance, we don't need to worry about being "collected", and all items are clearly priced. Because of this, we can see that the 4S store mode "expects" the car owners to come to the store frequently, because "going to the store is profitable"; and Tesla service center wants to reduce the number of users to the store, so as to achieve "non intrusive service". 2、 Tesla set off the service revolution in the automobile industry: how to reduce the number of after-sales customers to the store when you buy Tesla, what you have is not only the product's own value, but also the charging service and after-sales service provided by Tesla. How does Tesla achieve a different service concept from other car companies? That is to use the Internet to directly "repair cars online and remotely". Different from the fuel vehicle, Tesla defines the vehicle by software. Thanks to the advanced body structure, optimizing the vehicle through OTA air update software, remote fault diagnosis and real-time warning based on a large number of data, Tesla has become an almost self-sustaining vehicle. Tesla is like a computer that can drive. Every action of the vehicle, such as driving, braking, charging, opening the door, turning on the air conditioner, etc., will become data uploaded to the cloud, and the system will analyze the running state of the vehicle. So when a car breaks down, the server has already predicted in advance and eliminated the fault through the Internet of vehicles. When car owners encounter real faults, Tesla provides four gradual solutions. Usually, car owners don't have to go to the store to repair at all, saving energy and time cost. First of all, some small faults call 400 customer service hotline or wechat manual service, customer service can directly provide effective solutions, which can greatly reduce the time cost of users, compared with other car companies Customer service can only record problems, receive feedback, and often have ineffective communication; secondly, if customer service can't solve the problem, an engineer will use the remote diagnosis function to help the owner eliminate the fault online, and common vehicle faults can be solved; in addition, if the vehicle breaks down, such as driving a nail in the tire, you can contact Tesla mobile Service, they will send mobile service vehicles and engineers to the location of vehicles for rapid maintenance; finally, if you really encounter problems that cannot be solved by the above solutions, you can communicate with the engineer and choose the right time to repair with the store. Of course, Tesla will prepare the necessary parts in advance and repair them directly when they arrive at the store. Tesla has 37 direct service centers and 76 authorized B & P centers in China, and the official flagship store has also entered tmall. To sum up, the three core advantages of innovative services are highly integrated design ideas, highly intelligent software driven hardware, and comprehensive air upgrade technical capabilities. 3、 Lower cost of use than fuel vehicles own a car, you need to focus on three costs. Tesla has a lower purchase cost than 4S store. I didn't say much. Let's talk about the maintenance cost and time cost in the use cost, and see how Tesla can reduce the use cost of customers. First of all, the maintenance cost of users is discussed. Thanks to the simpler structure and fewer mechanical parts of Tesla Model, the maintenance content is further reduced; compared with the same level of gasoline vehicle, the maintenance cost in five years is reduced by at least 50%. Moreover, compared with the conventional maintenance of 5000 - 10000km for traditional fuel vehicles, Tesla's vehicles are usually recommended to be maintained for more than 20000km. These two items add up to greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users. The second is the time cost of users. First of all, let's talk about the cost of maintenance time. Traditional fuel vehicles can be repaired smoothly at least twice in the store, and it takes time to check and inquire. However, Tesla's automotive engineers have basically mastered the vehicle problems before users arrive in the store, and they can deal with them quickly after they arrive in the store, which saves time and is more efficient. Finally, look at the time cost of charging. Fuel vehicles need to be refueled regularly, and owners often plan their own time to go to the gas station. Tesla owners can not only charge at home, but also use super and destination charging stations and other ways, just plug in the power supply after parking, and enjoy the rest time. Editor's summary: Tesla's current innovative after-sales service mode, from car watching, booking, delivery and after-sales, has almost realized transparent online, completely subverting the traditional fuel vehicle enterprises. And put forward the concept of "the best service is non disturbing service", strive to reduce the cost of time spent by car owners in after-sales, and improve after-sales experience.

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