You can't just talk about the performance of these new energy vehicles

Posted 2021-04-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Now, most of the topics about new energy vehicles are endurance and 100km acceleration. In addition to these, few people really pay attention to or appreciate the appearance of a new energy vehicle. In fact, as a "rising star" in the automobile industry, many new energy vehicles will be filled with a lot of "sense of future" in the appearance. This "sense of future" Automotive aesthetics has contributed to the unique design of new energy vehicles. Today, Xiaobian doesn't want to comment on which electric vehicle has better performance, but starts from the appearance and counts the new energy vehicles with high appearance value. Taycan Porsche, an old German car company, has been playing with internal combustion engine for more than 100 years. Now, facing the rising of new energy industry, this seemingly disconnected "old man" uses the Porsche taycan to express his views on the future. Instead of the classic "frog" headlight, it's a more technical tear eye headlight. The disappearing exhaust, the unique hub and the charging port on the fender are all the "symbols" of new energy vehicles. The Porsche taycan has completely abandoned some classic designs of the Porsche family in details, but has maintained the round car line of the Porsche family as a whole. In terms of power, three power versions are provided, the fastest version is power, the maximum power is 560kw, the maximum torque is 1050n / M (comprehensive data), and the fastest is 2.8s. In terms of price, the official guide price is 1.148 million. Why do small editors only offer one starting price? Because a lot of options are Porsche style, you never know how much you need to choose a Porsche car. The car company that e-tron can most associate with technology is Audi. Whether it's "breaking through technology, enlightening the future" in the advertising language or the car of iron man in the film, Audi is in line with the identity of "technology". In this new energy field full of technology, Audi uses e-tron to prove its identity. The front face is not a new design, but a family design. Virtual rearview mirror, although it is not allowed to be assembled by laws and regulations now, it is necessary for every car in the future. Through the tail lamp, in the slowly sense of technology on a few more luxury silk. In terms of power, the maximum power is 300kW, the maximum torque is 664n / M (comprehensive data), and the acceleration of 100km is 5.7s. In terms of price, the official guide price is 692800-828600 yuan. Now I hear that there are 40000-50000 yuan terminal discounts and enjoy technology. This Audi e-tron is a good choice. What kind of car can an aerospace man make? Xiaobian thinks that Tesla Model s is the best answer. How to describe Tesla Model s? Closed design, even the door handle should be hidden. Streamlined car body, simple chrome plating decoration, inconspicuous multi frame wheel hub. It is these designs that affect the design of all the new energy vehicles behind. It can also be said that Tesla Model s is just like the leader of this futuristic design. In terms of power, there are two power requirements, the fastest power version, the maximum power 577k (comprehensive data), and the fastest 2.6s. In terms of price, the official guide price is 793900-893900, and the price of Tesla Model s is the cheapest model in two second club. If you let Xiaobian comment, which new energy vehicle has the highest appearance value so far? That must belong to the future K50. The bionic use of "Eagle" and "shark" makes the appearance of Qiantu K50 very streamlined. In addition to various golden ratio segmentation, this super run is very "foreign style". Although it's just an electric super run, it's this car that makes up for the awkward situation of no domestic super run. The design of the car for the sense of the future is integrated with a lot of bionics. As expected, nature is the best teacher. In terms of power, the maximum output power of front and rear motors is 160kW, the maximum torque is 340n / m, and the maximum speed is 4.6s. In terms of price, the official guide price is 754300. As a super run, the price is still very cheap. From the above inventory of nice car view, it can be seen that although the new energy vehicles of the old car companies have injected a lot of futuristic design, they still retain the family design more or less. In contrast, Tesla and the new energy vehicle design is full of imagination. New energy has become a major trend in the automotive industry, whether conservative or avant-garde design, there will always be people like it. After reading this article, which design do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message.

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