With a endurance of more than 400 km and a minimum of 110000, the four joint venture new energy models are all good

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Under the general trend of new energy, the pace of new energy models released by vehicle enterprises has accelerated significantly, and the most obvious is the joint venture brand that has not been moved before. With the rise of independent brands, new forces of car building and the gradual expansion of market share, joint venture brands have made great efforts after all, which can also be said to be accumulated, after all, the technical reserves of joint venture brands in the field of new energy are not weak. In view of this, this issue of "help you to choose a car" will recommend four joint venture brand new energy models with good strength for you. After c-hr eV of GAC Toyota, the sales price is RMB 225800-249800 terminal discount: there is no preferential target group temporarily: c-hr is the synonym of fashion and trend at the beginning of its appearance. Of course, it is also expected to become a fashion item in the automotive industry, and the c-hr EV model is the same. While fully inheriting all the advantages of c-hr, it also adds exclusive elements of EV model, which is undoubtedly the most favorite model of Chaoren. There are no weak models under the brand, there is no doubt that it has a good market performance in China and even in the world. As the first model of GAC Toyota, c-hr EV will bring the sales volume of new energy models into a good situation. The reason is very simple. The most concerned technical issues of users are Toyota's achievements in the field of new energy, and c-hr EV is based on e-tnga architecture. So c-hr EV is not worried about selling at all. C-hr EV does not adopt a new design, but is further upgraded and optimized on the basis of c-hr to make a car that is already very unique. The focus of appearance is to add many exclusive elements of new energy models, such as the closed grille, the logo of "EV" on the left side of China Grid, the logo of "electric" on the wing and the rear of the car, which can be seen at a glance. The interior part of c-hr EV only optimizes the details, which is mainly reflected in the full LCD dashboard and electronic handle. Young people have absolutely no resistance to this kind of configuration. In terms of power, it is equipped with 150KW motor, the maximum torque is 300N. M, energy density is 131wh / kg, power consumption is only 13.1kwh/100km, and comprehensive endurance mileage is 400km. The supplier of electric control system is Denso electric equipment group. The fast charge is about 50 minutes from 0% to 75%, and the slow charge is about 6.5 hours. In terms of suspension, the combination of front McPherson + rear double wishbone full independent suspension is adopted, which can be seen that it is inclined to sports orientation, and also in line with the vehicle's own positioning and beauty. Beijing Hyundai feisita subsidized price: 1738-18800 yuan terminal discount: replacement subsidy: 40000 yuan target group: beauty is one of the trumps of cars. I believe you can enjoy the online beauty of Korean cars on the fuel version of feisita. This is especially true for the pure electric fista, which is the most incisive interpretation of fashion and sports, that is to say, this car is more suitable for users loyal to the beauty. Modern cars can always be in the first echelon in technology, whether traditional fuel technology or new energy technology. Although its efforts in the field of new energy are later than those of Japanese brands or even its own brands, its NEXO and Kona EV pure electric power systems of batteries have both won the top ten list in the 2019 ward top ten (power system) selection, which shows its strength. With the introduction of the pure electric fista, we can also see the importance of modern cars to the Chinese market. Compared with the modeling car force, the pure electric appearance of festa is based on the fuel version of festa. However, many changes have been made in the details of the front face. The most obvious one is that the oversized air intake grille is changed into a closed design, but it is still handsome as before. The interior of the car also basically continues the design style of the fuel version of fista, but also changes in the details, all in order to highlight the special identity of its pure electric vehicle. The top ten powers of ward mentioned above are not suitable for this model, but the performance of its power assembly is not weak. It is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 310n · M. In terms of battery, it is equipped with ternary lithium-ion power battery pack, with energy density of 141.4wh/kg and NEDC endurance mileage of 490km. This series of parameters are no less than the competitive models. The price of SAIC GM's Micro blue subsidy: 165800-198800 yuan terminal discount: 45000 yuan (Beijing area) target group: as one of the representatives of American brands, Buick's audience group is more inclined to small-scale investors or users with high requirements for vehicle quality. As the Velite series model, the micro blue will not be disappointing, no matter the design and quality, it has a very good performance. Compared with the previous models, the latest micro blue has a significant increase in the endurance mileage, reaching the 400km endurance level, which can be equal to the mainstream new energy models. In addition to its unique design and excellent three electricity technology, it has a very good advantage, with the focus on its price less than 200000 yuan. Different from any model in this paper, the design of micro blue is similar to that of the Velite concept car. The modeling means a kind of crossover car. It has the low attitude of a car and the elegance of a touring car, which is one of its bonus points. The overall style of interior decoration can't escape the family design, but it is better in materials and design, with rich luxury flavor, and the support of many configurations, micro blue is not inferior in the construction of a sense of technology. The latest micro blue has been upgraded to the electric drive technology of Buick emotion, equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 110KW and a maximum torque of 350n · M. The capacity of the battery pack is 52.5kwh, the energy density is 140wh / kg, and the endurance mileage of NEDC can reach 410km. In the fast charging mode, it takes 40 minutes for the power to be charged from 80% to 8 hours for the slow charging. At the same time, micro blue can also provide an intelligent water cycle temperature management system, which can preheat or cool the battery according to different ambient temperatures, and keep the battery at the best working temperature at all times. After subsidy, the selling price of GAC Honda concept VE-1 is: 1598-179800 yuan, terminal discount: 50000 yuan (Beijing area), target group: for users who are obsessed with Honda technology, and want to feel its charm in the new energy field, it is advisable to take GAC Honda concept VE-1 under its command, focusing on the price of this model which is close to the people and the cheapest model in this article. The appearance of concept VE-1 seems to have the meaning of misplaced competition, with the logo of concept, technology from the inside to the outside, and the price is very close to the people. With the price of independent brand model, you can buy a joint venture brand model, which makes the competitors have no advantage. This car is similar to c-hr EV, which is based on their own small SUV. The difference is that the concept VE-1 has no obvious new energy model logo, it is more like a fuel model as a whole, and it also has the elements of sports orientation in the details. On the contrary, the concept VE-1 has added many new energy models' exclusive logos on the basis of fuel vehicles, but it is still Honda as a whole. In terms of power, the permanent magnet synchronous motor of concept VE-1 has a maximum power of 120kw, a maximum torque of 280n · m, a group capacity of 53.6kwh provided by Neusoft Ruichi, its core is provided by Lishen, and the endurance mileage of NEDC under comprehensive working condition is 401km. 30% - 80% of the power can be replenished in 30 minutes for fast charging and 9 hours for slow charging. Whether it's commuting in the city or short-distance intercity crossing, the concept VE-1 can be competent. The four models recommended in this paper represent the technology of Japanese, Korean and American mainstream vehicle enterprises in the field of new energy, that is to say, the strength of these vehicles can come to the top of the same level. As for how to choose them, it is also explained in the "target group" of each car, and they also have one thing in common, not only to save money, but also more worry, and the maintenance rate is better than the independent brand models. If you still don't know how to choose, then the author tells you that there will be no mistake in choosing one.

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