Why is the halo of joint venture brand not so smart in new energy?

Posted 2020-10-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Since the moment when the Chinese government decided to trade market for technology, the dominant position of joint venture brands in the domestic automobile market has almost been determined. Compared with the pure model, the joint venture brand has the price advantage and is almost completely synchronized in technology; compared with most of the independent brands, the joint venture vehicle enterprises have stronger product and brand power, and they are the first choice of users for a long time. In terms of sales volume, from the early Jetta, Fukang and Santana to the present Langyi, maiteng and GL8, the main models of joint venture brands still occupy an absolute market position in various fields. However, in the aspect of new energy electrification, which has gradually become a general trend, the performance of joint venture brands is quite different from that of traditional cars. Since 2014, the domestic new energy vehicle market began to form a scale, and almost all of the top ranked brands in the sales list are domestic independent brands (now incorporated into the Beijing brand), and so on. (except for the model 3, which started to occupy the urban area in the past half year, it is not a joint venture brand). In the traditional automobile field, the famous brands, such as North and south, GAC Toyota / Toyota, GAC Honda / Dongfeng Honda, and SAIC General Motors, have not been able to perform in sales even once. As for the reasons, ev Jun thinks it can be summarized in two aspects. 1. Due to the lack of attention to the new energy industry in the early stage and the late investment in R & D, the initial product strength is insufficient and the premium is too high. Speaking of this, we have to mention the popular model GAC Toyota c-hr EV just launched. As a typical oil to electricity new energy vehicle, c-hr EV is also built based on Toyota's tnga architecture, integrating electric technology and QDR (high quality, high reliability, high durability) standards. After a set of electric drive system and square lithium provided by Panasonic are installed, c-hr EV will be listed at a price of RMB 225800-249800 after the price, and NEDC's endurance mileage will be 400km. In terms of the same configuration level, compared with the fuel version of c-hr, the terminal price of c-hr EV is at least 70000 yuan more expensive, and the highest price difference is about 80000 yuan. The last time I saw such an exaggerated price difference, it was on the imported Volkswagen e-glof. I was impressed by the 255km long golf with a price of 2400800 yuan. However, the subsequent pricing of FAW Volkswagen pure electric golf and Bora models is very solid, including SAIC Volkswagen pure electric longyi, which is not much higher than the fuel Version (of course, the endurance is also awkward... Only about 270km). What can we buy at this price? The BYD song Pro EV, which is one level larger in size and has a endurance of 502km, only needs 219800 yuan for top configuration. In addition, there is a larger aion LX. Although it is only enough for single motor models, the space, configuration and luxury of aion LX are much better than that of c-hr ev. Even, you can buy a more advanced ES6 through the battery rental scheme, and the down payment is only about 230000 yuan. In this case, we can see that EQC built on the same platform with GLC, e-tron which is a little larger than q5l, and e-tron which is smaller in size and more expensive in price. However, there are at least some luxury brand aura blessings for these three, some of which are justifiable. Guangfeng's small pure electric SUV sold for 220000, which seems unreasonable. Compared with that, Beijing's modern festa pure electric / oncino pure electric, Buick micro blue and Changxun are quite generous. When they are fully equipped and have a good endurance, the price is not much expensive. 2. Take it as a principle, sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head, and eat more than one chicken. To be honest, I would like to change the leading role here, but we have no choice but to invite our old friend GAC Toyota. Before the c-hr EV, GAC Toyota did not have any pure electric vehicle under its own brand, especially the hot pure electric car market. However, it is interesting that GAC group, as a partner, has gradually increased its investment in the field of new energy vehicles, making its aion series new energy vehicles outstanding in the market. Therefore, relying on the new energy vehicle technology of GAC Research Institute, GAC Toyota has created the aion s sister model "ia5". Ia5 not only fills in the blank of Guangfeng in the field of pure electric in the early stage, but also satisfies the new energy vehicle integral acquisition of Toyota brand under the "double integral" policy. Although it is under the Toyota brand of GAC, it may be Japan's persistence. The ia5 still bears the logo of GAC new energy, and its price is slightly higher than that of GAC new energy aion s, and its configuration is lower. For example, the whole system is not equipped with AEB emergency braking and advanced driving assistance system. In addition, GAC Toyota has also cooperated with GAC new energy to produce a new energy SUV model. This GAC Toyota ix4 is the sister model of GAC motor GS4, which to some extent makes up for the lack of GAC Toyota in the pure electric SUV market segment, while GAC motor GS4 PHEV's sister model gives the brand. Another Japanese brand has not been avoided. Last year, GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda successively launched two oil to electricity products VE-1 and x-nv, which can be regarded as the electric version of guangben Bingzhi and dongben x-rv. However, the biggest difference is that both VE-1 and x-nv no longer use the logo of Honda brand, and have successively replaced the long silent "joint venture independent brand" and the logo of Siming. So it seems that the persistence and persistence of the Japanese may also be a good thing. "Products that are not developed by us must not use our car logo" is not groundless. Finally, on "one chicken to eat more", Dongfeng Renault is beyond our reach. Dongfeng Renault's first small pure electric vehicle eno (k-ze in the figure is the code name). After changing the front and rear bumpers and logo, it can be E30, T1 or EX1. Although Renault has recently withdrawn from the domestic traditional passenger car market, there will still be new energy and commercial vehicle business in the future. If it is still the same, it will be too ugly. For many mainstream joint venture automobile enterprises, in recent years, the heart may be very contradictory: China's new energy market is still not mature in the early stage, the government guidance occupies the main position (this impact has become smaller and smaller), and the policy advantage of independent brands is greater. What's more, joint venture brands can make a lot of money on traditional cars, and their finance is very good-looking. It costs a lot to invest in new energy research and development (Volkswagen Group is expected to invest 60 billion euros in the field of new energy research and development), but it takes quite a long time to harvest results and profits. As a business operator, it's difficult to make up his mind to give up.

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