Why do so many people rob Tesla, which sells more than 300000 yuan a month?

Posted 2020-10-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the car sales ranking in March was officially released. In the field of sedan, in addition to the relatively high ranking of familiar models such as longyi and Xuanyi, model 3 really surprised us. It ranked 11th in the list with 10160 units, even surpassing the mainstream models of BBA! As we all know, at present, domestic consumers do not have a strong sense of identity for electric vehicles. If not limited by the license plate, few people may choose to buy electric vehicles. So why is model 3 on the list? Is it OK for the "cash to buy" guys? Let's talk today. The first reason for the high sales volume is that model 3 has been sold in China in the form of before the price reduction, with a guide price of 363900-509900 yuan. And the imported electric vehicles can not enjoy the national and local. As an intermediate pure tram, the price is not cheap. There are three models of Tesla Model 3 currently on sale, including the upgraded version of standard endurance rear drive, the subsidized price of 29905 yuan, the long endurance version of 33905 yuan, and the performance high-performance all wheel drive board of 419800 yuan. In fact, as early as the beginning of the market, the relatively low starting price has already had a lot of repercussions in the auto industry. Even some small partners say that it doesn't smell good to buy a Tesla! It's really fragrant, but the Tesla made in China has some matching reduction behaviors, for example, and are all presented with the car, but the model 3 costs an additional 8000 yuan. But even so, the starting price of less than 300000 is still very good. In addition, the sudden increase in sales in March was also affected by the epidemic. Tesla super factory has been back to work since February 10, with a capacity of about 3000 units per week. The backlog of orders before the outbreak was not delivered until March. That's one of the reasons sales are up. Reason 2: brand positioning if you ask your friends, is Tesla a a luxury brand? There may be two answers. The first is, "I think it's a luxury brand. After all, it's not cheap!" ; the second kind, "I don't know, but the car looks very handsome, like a"! Yes, at present, everyone's brand positioning of Tesla is relatively vague. On this issue, we have long expressed the view that "Tesla is more like the Volkswagen of electric car circle than BBA". The reason for this is that we have tried to drive Tesla's models for many times, and there is a certain gap with BBA in terms of appearance, interior workmanship and materials. But for those who haven't tested the Tesla Model, the criteria for judging the Tesla brand are more from the appearance design and price. In retrospect, it's not unreasonable for everyone to think so. When Tesla first came into China, the 60 version of model s had a starting price of 648000 yuan. The powerful p85 has been sold for 852500 yuan. Then enter the domestic, is a "gull wing door" model X. Its price is even more exaggerated. For the entry-level 60d model, the starting price is 754400 yuan. The p90d model broke through a million yuan, reaching 1153400 yuan. As the so-called price determines purchasing power, for most consumers, Tesla's price in that year was indeed a little "unattainable". If the price is high, it will be attributed to the scope of "luxury car". Up to now, this idea still exists in the impression of many consumers. The unique charm of the brand, no matter Tesla or their CEO Elon, is very charming and distinctive. Let consumers feel that as users of Tesla, they are very trendy. Let's talk about Tesla first. Compared with the car company in our mind, it is not so "pure". In addition to building cars, Tesla, with a strong cross-border thinking, used to play Rockets! And then there's Elon Musk, the crazy entrepreneur and adventurer with a lot of charisma. There is no doubt that his talent has made Tesla, but the occasional "thunderwords" have also made Tesla's share price plummet. Reason 3: it's hard to find competitors. In fact, in recent years, our country has been very active in the development of new energy vehicles, and a variety of "new forces of vehicle building" have sprung up. However, in the range of 300000 yuan, model 3 can be said to have achieved "no opponent"! BBA first looks at BBA. The layout of these three luxury brands in the field of electric vehicles is relatively positive, but the guidance prices of EQC (579800-622800) and e-tron (692800-828600) are relatively high, and more than 300000 are not available. Audi e-tron has an I3 (guide price: 305800) within the range of more than 300000 yuan, which can have a 340 kilometer range and a certain distance from model 3. Of course, some small partners may consider Audi q2l e-tron. The guiding price of 226800-237300 yuan for this car is not very expensive, and the brand recognition is also good, but the 265 km endurance mileage does not have any advantages. The new forces then talk about the new forces in China. Those with high popularity and popularity are considered as one. Although there are a lot of people who sing down Wei, there are not a few fans of the brand. The price subsidy for the low configuration model of Weilai ES6 is 338000 yuan. Although it is slightly more expensive than model 3, considering its SUV positioning and 410km range, it is also acceptable. There is also Xiaopeng, who is very popular in the near future. The pre-sale price of the super long endurance version of the rear drive of the new P7 model they are about to launch is 270000 yuan, while the long endurance version of the rear drive is only 240000 yuan. And the range is very high, only the entry-level model has reached 568km. However, many people are still skeptical of the new forces, especially in the late service. After all, the sales volume is not large and the brand influence is not strong. The follow-up development is a problem. In other words, what we are worried about is: after driving for several years, the brand has gone out of business, what should we do with the after-sales service? At the end of the traditional joint venture brand, let's look at chuantong automobile company. Since we position Tesla as the "Volkswagen in electric vehicles", let's talk about Volkswagen first. At present, Volkswagen has many pure tram models under development, such as id.3 and so on. But now can buy electric vehicles, only Langyi pure electricity, Bora pure electricity, pure electricity. These "oil to electricity" models do not have the capital to compete with model 3 in terms of price and positioning. For example, for golf pure electricity, its guiding price is 147700-168800 yuan, with a range of 270km. Next up are the two GM brands. Their models are Chevy cruiser (159900-179900 yuan) and Buick micro blue (165800-198800 yuan), with a maximum range of 410km. Many brands including Changxun micro blue have no layout in pure electric field. Most of the pure electric models of these joint venture brands are the products of "oil to electricity", and the performance of the endurance mileage is relatively average. The 410km range of the micro blue and Changxun is actually very good, but it is still worse than the entry-level model of the model 3. In addition, there is a big gap between the traditional car companies and Tesla in terms of the car engine system, including FSD and other functions. Even if it has certain auxiliary driving functions, Tesla has great advantages in the later OTA upgrading and upgrading. FSD (fully automatic driving) generally speaking, if you want to spend 300000 yuan to buy a middle-class electric car with good brand and strong product force, the best choice at present is Tesla Model 3, its competitors, at least not yet appeared. Model 3 can be bought through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion: if you want to buy an electric vehicle, model 3 is a pretty good choice. Moreover, with the increase of ownership, its hedge ratio will increase accordingly, which is good news for consumers. As for the model 3, we think that the long range rear drive version is more worthy of recommendation, because the Ministry of industry and information technology has given a 668km range, which can largely avoid everyone's "mileage anxiety". Moreover, it's only 40000 yuan more expensive than the entry-level model, and its cost performance is relatively high. Before buying model 3, we need to think clearly about these problems. However, some of Tesla's behaviors are difficult for consumers to predict. We need to be prepared for "being trapped". There has been more than one case of willful official landing in Tesla. Wang Gaofei, CEO of microblog, as one of the first six users in China, mentioned his own Tesla Model 3. Shortly after mentioning the car, the official announced a price cut of 26000-44000. Of course, this is not too much. The biggest drop in the model x p100d model was 3411000. Official surrender is a big deal, my friends. It's the most important thing to be upset when you spend money. Of course, as a Tesla owner, we should have the mentality of "buy early and enjoy early". We must be our spiritual mentor and not collapse. The service quality is uneven due to the sales model, many of Tesla's services are online or 400 phone calls. From the current situation of our investigation, the official response and feedback speed of 400 is very fast. However, in the stage of maintenance, such as body and paint, many of them are completed by the store of the official authorized center. Perhaps it is because of the different mechanisms and standards of store assessment, and the different technology levels among stores in different regions, so this psychological preparation is also necessary. Netizens make complaints about Tucao, and in the end, if you are subject to the index and license plate, or an "electric fan", Tesla is a good choice. But everything has advantages and disadvantages. As long as we can accept the above problems, we can consider starting. About model 3, I'd like to talk with you so much today. Welcome to participate in the voting, and leave us a message to share your opinions. See you tomorrow! Some of the pictures and texts in this article are from "onion rings for automobiles". If you have any copyright issues, please contact the editor.

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