Who is the value of Honda haoying and Acura CDX? Chicken head or chicken tail?

Posted 2020-12-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Brand in China market has always been a relatively awkward situation, from the early stage to the current stage of localization in GAC group, the sales volume has always been tepid. Take today's protagonist for example, the visibility on the road is not high during nearly four years of listing. From the current market situation, some 4S stores have offered a cash discount of 30000-40000 yuan, and the price is close to the latest SUV haoying under the same Honda brand of GAC. So between the two "brother models", who is more worth buying? Today's model we are comparing is the hybrid model of Acura CDX and haoying, both of which have a more affordable 1.5T pure gasoline model. The official guide price of Acura CDX is 2298-349800 yuan, while that of Honda haoying is 1698-252800 yuan. It can be seen that the price difference between the two cars is actually very large. It's almost that the lowest model of CDX and the highest model of Honda haoying have a little price intersection. The price difference between the highest model of haoying and the lowest model of Acura CDX is 47000 yuan. However, although the price difference is huge, Acura CDX began to adopt the way of "price for quantity" in terms of terminal market preferences, and a relatively large margin of concessions appeared. The latest Honda haoying market is still relatively strong at present, and the overall price of the two vehicles in the terminal market has been quite similar. Why does the more expensive Acura CDX choose a lower platform than Honda haoying? First of all, in terms of size, haoying has an absolute advantage over CDX. Compared with haoying on the same platform, haoying is much larger than CDX based on Benzhi. All dimensions such as length, width, height / wheelbase are perfect. So it can be seen that in terms of the ride experience of the internal space, there will be a lot of differences between the two. In addition to the third-generation Honda i-mmd system compared today, the 1.5T pure gasoline model is also equipped on all levels of Honda. However, the form of suspension still exposes the short board of Acura CDX platform, and the rear torsion beam independent suspension like Ponzi is rare in the luxury SUV with a price of about 300000. It also shows that compared with haoying, there is a big gap on the platform. Chinese consumers have a very important dimension to consider about appearance design, which is "face". Whether a car looks big enough is more meaningful than "using a certain design language". Although Acura and Honda are both luxury brands and ordinary brands, due to their relatively low popularity, an Acura SUV does not seem to bring enough satisfaction to the car owners, especially the smallest CDX. Haoying can be regarded as the most beautiful Honda, with its salty and elegant appearance for the old and the young, as well as the unique "all black" decoration in China. There is no sense of disobedience in all ages. Entering the car, compared with Honda haoying, Acura CDX is more luxurious in design and materials, and the design style derived from it also gives the car owner enough face. But in addition, from the perspective of the practicality of daily use, Honda haoying is perfect in all aspects. First of all, it is needless to say that the Honda brand is good at creating interior space, so the larger haoying undoubtedly has innate advantages. Secondly, from the comfort of seats, haoying can be said to be both sporty and domestic. Finally, in terms of configuration, the more expensive Acura CDX should have advantages, but haoying still has more comfortable and safe configuration. To sum up, in addition to the identity of a luxury brand, Honda haoying is better than Acura CDX in almost all product dimensions. The embarrassing thing is that in China's luxury car market, Acura brand recognition is far less than that of German brand and Japanese brand, and the identity of luxury brand can only be regarded as "nominal", so even if the price is the same between the two cars, Honda haoying is more worthy of recommendation.

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