Who has been added to the model 3 supply chain when the localization rate is increased?

Posted 2021-10-21 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Due to the global spread of the epidemic, Morgan Stanley, a Wall Street investment bank, predicted in a report that the global sales volume in 2020 would be about 10% less than before, that is, to about 452000 units. In this context, the Shanghai Super factory, which resumed work on February 10, has taken on a greater sales mission. Therefore, it has become the main work of Shanghai Super factory in the near future to accelerate the recovery of production capacity and improve the rate of spare parts as soon as possible. So far, the plant has returned to pre epidemic capacity, i.e. 3000 model 3 can be produced per week. At the same time, Tesla submitted documents to the Shanghai government to increase the production capacity of some auto parts in the Shanghai plant, so as to promote the full localization of its supply chain in China, the world's largest auto market. In addition to self-produced parts, domestic Tesla has also added (300750), yinlun Co., Ltd. (002126) and Junsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (600699) on the basis of the original supply chain. Among them, Junsheng electronics expands the domestic supply scope on the basis of the original supporting facilities, and more potential suppliers have entered the negotiation process. This also means that Tesla's goal of achieving 100% localization rate of spare parts by the end of this year is expected to be achieved in advance, and it will bring a lot of opportunities for domestic upstream and downstream supply chains. In order to learn about the latest parts matching situation of domestic Tesla Model 3, recently, geyser Motors has partially updated the supplier information sorted out before, shared with you, and welcomed more industry friends to supplement and correct the information! After that, we will continue to update relevant information.

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