Which one is worth buying? Take a look at the star version

Posted 2020-09-28 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At present, the main model in China is the main one, so all manufacturers are going in the direction of SUV when developing new products. Dongfeng Qichen's latest products naturally fall on SUV, which is the star. Qichenxing is built on the latest vsa-l platform of Qichen, which is equipped with 1.5T and 1.5T + 48V light hybrid power assembly. At present, it has launched 5 models, with the price range of 109600-149600. So which of the five models of qichenxing is the most worth buying? Qichenxing guide sales price model sales price (10000 yuan) 260t manual Xingyue version 10.96 260t automatic Xingyue version 12.66 260t 48V Xingxiang version 13.36 260t 48V Xingrui version 14.26 260t 48V Xingyao version 14.96 straight into the theme, qichenxing which model is worth buying? Basic model configuration analysis: 260T manual Xingyue version official guidance price: 109 thousand and 600 Xingyue version is the entry model of qichenxing, and the only manual transmission model of the car series. Friends who like to drive manual transmission can have a look at this model. Not only that, some configurations of star Yue are worthy of attention, such as Gemini LED headlights with appearance, 10 inch central control large screen with Dongfeng Qichen Intelligent System 4.0 inside (Dongfeng Qichen Intelligent System 4.0 includes: full-time online navigation; intelligent voice communication system covers AI voice, Cantonese interaction; multi voice area speech accurate recognition system; mobile app remote control; mobile app virtual key) Key start vehicle; vehicle interconnection; intelligent security system; vehicle accident emergency call system; digital vehicle networking; intelligent travel assistant; intelligent travel manager; high quality entertainment experience; one ID personalized account; OTA iterative upgrade.) , considering the identity of its entry-level model, it is difficult to have such a configuration performance. 260t automatic Xingshang version official guide price: 126600 assuming that a friend can't drive the manual gear, and his car purchase budget is not much, then the manual Xingyue version plus 17000 is Xingshang version. In addition to the replacement of 7dct, Xingshang version is equipped with panoramic sunroof and leather seats with electric adjustment in the driver's seat. In addition, it is also equipped with the function of reversing image, which can play a very good role in helping people with ordinary driving skills. 260t automatic 48V light hybrid supercharging star version official guide price: 133600 friends pursue fuel economy, then from the start of star version, qichenxing will be equipped with 48V light hybrid supercharging power system and intelligent start stop function. In addition, Xingxiang version is only 7000 more expensive than Xingshang version, but there are many additional configurations. It not only upgrades the size of the internal full LCD instrument panel and the central control screen, but also adds a lot of driving safety auxiliary configuration. The overall configuration of this model has been able to meet the current demand of many consumers, so Xingxiang version is the most worthy model we recommend you to buy. 260t automatic 48V light hybrid supercharged star Rui version official guide price: the next configuration level of 142600 star sharing version is star Rui version, and the price difference between them is 9000. The starrui version mainly brings some intelligent configurations, such as dash cam, AR real-world navigation and remote outside car photography. In addition, it has added 19 inch hub and double outlet exhaust pipe to its appearance, which gives it a bit more dynamic atmosphere. 260t automatic 48V light hybrid supercharged Obsidian official guide price: 149600 Xingyao is the top matching model of qichenxing, the price is no more than 150000, 7000 more than Xingrui, but the configuration improvement brought by this 7000 is very much. For example, the interior seat material and surface texture treatment are obviously different from other models, and the appearance has a better visual effect of the streamlined led turn light. Then the sound system in the car is a pioneer brand. With active noise reduction and active sound control, the sound effect of the cabin in the car has been greatly enhanced. A friend with sufficient funds can choose the starshine version in one step. What are the welfare policies for buying qichenxing now? From April 23, 2020 to June 30, 2020, consumers can enjoy 2-3 years' zero interest or 0 down payment when they buy qichenxing; they can enjoy up to 7000 yuan when they buy a car through replacement; they can enjoy 3000 yuan subsidy if you originally bought qichenxing as an owner of Qichen; the first 10000 owners can enjoy 5 years' unlimited traffic Internet service; the last owners also have exclusive customer service, preferential reception and consumption Premium, top up and exclusive package. Conclusion: the price range of qichenxing is similar to other competitive products, so its price is reasonable. From the perspective of the five models launched this time, the configuration performance of each model is consistent with its own price, and consumers can make model selection according to their own configuration needs and purchase budget.

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