Which is the most cost-effective choice for joint venture quality / first class space qichenxing household?

Posted 2020-10-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The advantages of self owned brand models lie in price and configuration. However, when the gap between models of the same level is not large, how can business travel alienation be highlighted? Star gave a good answer, to make a more intelligent, more technological new car. Now, apart from considering fuel consumption, power and space, consumers pay equal attention to intelligent Internet connection and driving assistance. After all, it's 2020. It's impossible to open a skylight by voice control and realize automatic car following / cruising. It's really a bit behind the times. Based on the VSA modular architecture developed by Renault Alliance Technology, qichenxing is built. In addition to rich technology configuration, it's also a leading model in power 48V light mixing system. At present, the new car has been put on the market, and 5 models with configuration have been launched, with the guidance price of RMB 1096-149600. I believe many friends have paid close attention to it for a long time, and I'll tell you which one you want to buy most. The price range of 100000-150000 has always been the gathering place of independent brand models, while the price range of qichenxing almost coincides, which also shows the conviction of its own product strength, and the naming method of the model is obviously different from other models of Qichen family. It is based on the VSA modular architecture developed by the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance Technology, and it is a product that is being developed, which also enables him to have With better technology and supplier system, the product quality and durability will be better in theory. Qichenxing is positioned as a compact SUV, but the wheelbase has reached 2756mm, almost enough to be medium-sized; the whole system of power is equipped with 1.5T, and the medium and high-end models are equipped with 48V light hybrid system, in addition, the manual gear is retained as the entry-level model. Only by comparison can we know that the value of the Chinese model with more budget is not worth it. The introduction of qichenxing is a manual model, but the basic configuration level is not low. The main highlights are the 10 inch LCD instrument and 10 inch central control display screen at the interior level, with the Internet of vehicles in terms of functionality, which can support real-time online navigation, intelligent voice control, 4gwifi hotspot, etc. at the exterior level, there are 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels Ring, led far and near light source, through tail light + V-shaped high-level brake light, overall not falling into grade. However, as an entry-level model, limited by the price, the advantages of qichenxing in technology configuration and power combination are not obvious compared with the same level model, and the interior materials are mostly fabric and plastic. For home use, the daily comfort and the level sense in front of relatives and friends are a little worse, so the writer recommends you to choose the following star version. The author recommends that you buy 260t automatic 48V light hybrid supercharged star version, which has greatly improved the configuration level without much budget. The appearance level, 18 inch wheel rim, roof rack and headlight set have also been upgraded with the adaptive far and low beam function. At the level of interior decoration and technology, we upgraded to a larger 15.6-inch central control screen + 12.3-inch LCD Meter on the basis of large screen, which brings you a sense of vision without any words. The built-in Qichen intelligent 4.0 system, based on the development of Android 9.0 System, applies high-performance processor, and its fluency and functionality are basically comparable to that of smart phones, which also reflects the technological advantages of Qichen star 。 In addition, panoramic skylight, leather steering wheel and seats have been upgraded in the car, with automatic air conditioning in different areas, and the comfort of daily driving has also been improved. In terms of power performance, this star sharing model has a 48V light hybrid system, which not only makes driving experience lighter, but also improves fuel economy. In general, the upgraded configuration value is back to the excessive budget. This star share model is suitable for home use, both in terms of price and configuration. Based on the basic information, the whole system of qichenxing is equipped with Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi a415td The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 140kW and a peak torque of 260n · M. the power parameters are considered to be one of the engines with the same level and the same displacement. Even if it doesn't lose 2.0T of low-power engine, and the maximum torque can break out at 1500rpm. The highlight of the new car's power is the 48V light hybrid system installed on the model with medium and high configuration, which is not common not only in the price range of 100000-150000, but also in the small row The gain effect of turbo engine is obvious, fuel consumption and driving experience are both excellent. Although qichenxing didn't publicize the advantages of space, its 2756mm wheelbase has obviously reached the standard of medium-sized SUV, so we don't need to worry about the internal space. Similar to smart phones, today's car technology reserves and configuration specifications are getting higher and higher. After meeting the basic needs of travel, intelligent Internet connection and driving assistance have gradually become important considerations in addition to fuel consumption and power consumption when everyone buys a car. When qichenxing keeps its traditional advantages, it also gives full play to these current levels of young consumers' preferences, although the price range is 100000-150000 It is the gathering place of self owned brand SUV, but qichenxing still has advantages in science and technology, and 48V light hybrid system is also uncommon in this price model. If you already hold the coin to wait and see, it is recommended that you purchase 260t automatic 48V light hybrid supercharged star type.

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