Which is more recommended than BYD E1 and BAIC EC3?

Posted 2022-07-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

BYD E1 and 3 are popular independent brand models now. They have their own advantages. Let's compare them. Let's talk about BYD E1 first. The exterior design of BYD E1 is based on the F0 of BYD, so it looks pretty cute and suitable for female consumers. In terms of power assembly system, BYD E1 is equipped with the lithium nickel cobalt manganate group independently developed by the automobile. The energy density of the system exceeds the standard of 160wh / kg, which belongs to a relatively good level. Moreover, BYD E1's 305km's mileage performance is also enough, and BYD also provides consumers' friends core module free lifetime warranty, which is more awesome. Take a look at BAIC EC3. BAIC EC3 is a popular model of its own. Its appearance adopts the family design of BAIC new energy, which is very eye-catching. In terms of space performance, BAIC EC3 will be better than BYD E1 and feel more spacious when sitting in the car. In terms of endurance mileage performance, BAIC EC3 has a endurance mileage of 301km, which is equal to BYD E1 and can be used by car owners and friends on a daily basis. So I think that if you want more space performance, you can choose BAIC new energy EC3; however, if you like cute appearance design, you can consider starting with BYD E1.

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