Wheel test drive, Audi electric fragrance? E-tron was a great moment to drive

Posted 2021-01-02 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Because I've always been obsessed with performance cars, I have a kind of unspeakable conflict. I always think that roaring is the most eternal pursuit of people born with mechanical properties. On the e-tron pure electric vehicle, the previous hour, this idea has not wavered, but an hour later It can only be said that being full is fickle. When driving e-tron, the most impressive thing is that it doesn't make you "jump" out of driving like other electric vehicles. You will find that e-tron retains the driving pleasure of Audi fuel vehicles. Fast acceleration, direct steering, and dexterous pace - none of these elements are lost in the process of power source changing from gasoline to electricity. Because of this, I am even more curious about its other product highlights. 01 e-tron: old brand luxury face and lining when I first saw the real e-tron car, I had a feeling of heart beating. If I can fix the future of pure electric vehicles on e-tron for the time being, I think I am very happy to accept it. E-tron has a set of avant-garde but not too exaggerated design language. It can be said that Audi designers have made great efforts in this car. If you are familiar with the interior of Audi A8, or if you are familiar with the interior of Audi, there is not much to say about the interior of e-tron. Because of the family style, the 12.3-inch dashboard, 10.1-inch center control panel and 8.6-inch air conditioning control panel can display / control almost all information and functions of the vehicle. At the same time, both the exquisite leather seats and the exquisite wood interior panels show the luxury and comfort that the Audi brand has always stressed. However, as an Audi, there are many different things. For example, the electronic bumper has a unique shape. The combination of silver, black and leather creates a design that integrates technology and texture. In fact, it is not only a stop bar, but also a hand support when operating on the front air conditioning control panel. It is worth mentioning that the dual touch screen of the central control has certain press feedback. When selecting the corresponding function, it needs a little press to take effect, avoiding misoperation. Some functions, such as temperature regulation and air volume regulation, can be controlled by continuous sliding of fingers on the screen, which is convenient and fast. Of course, all operations can also be operated by voice. 02 pure electric e-tron is still an Audi with high attainments in the field of engine technology. In fact, e-tron is not a small test. After all, pure electric vehicles are not like fuel vehicles. In the absence of engine support, whether e-tron and the power of fuel vehicles can perform in the same water criterion has attracted much attention. Fortunately, it didn't let us down. Maybe a lot of electric products are trying to emphasize that they are different from fuel vehicles in driving level, but Audi obviously does not want to. No matter from the cockpit design, direction feedback, the strength of the accelerator and brake pedal, or the most difficult chassis experience, it's hard for you to distinguish this is not a gasoline car. Even close your eyes and feel the feedback of every road feeling of the vehicle, and you will definitely say that this is Audi. Audi said that the car's acceleration time from standstill to 100km / h is 5.7s, and the subjective feeling is indeed this level: although it is not rapid when starting, the middle and rear segments are full of vitality. And the most comfortable thing for me is the peak torque that responds when I press the accelerator pedal deeply, without the trouble of turbo lag - it's just as quick as life needs. It is worth mentioning that the e-tron steering wheel is equipped with shift paddles on both sides, and its function is to adjust the kinetic energy recovery intensity, but don't forget that it is still a 100% Audi, so even if the intensity is adjusted to the maximum, you will not feel any discomfort in the car. There are three levels of kinetic energy recovery that can be set by shifting the gear behind the steering wheel. The official contribution to the endurance mileage is as high as 30%. The suspension system has a very excellent filtering effect in daily driving, and the small bumps on the road can be filtered. The Quattro electric four-wheel drive system can effectively distribute the torque of each wheel according to the real-time status of the vehicle, and help the vehicle achieve the best dynamic response. In addition, e-tron also offers 7 different driving modes, including automatic, energy-saving, comfortable, dynamic, all road, off-road and custom modes. As an electric vehicle, one of the major concerns of consumers is the convenience of charging. Audi said e-tron is the first mass production vehicle capable of fast charging up to 150KW, which can charge up to 80% of the electricity in 40 minutes. In addition, e-tron supports up to 11kw AC charging, and will also give users 7KW AC charging wall box and free on-site installation services. I used to think that I was irreconcilable with pure electric vehicles, because the control style of "king of straight line, dead on the bend" was really not my dish. But after I experienced e-tron, I found that I gradually fell in love with this kind of easy and comfortable driving without losing control. Can this also prove that Audi new energy family, led by e-tron, can do so fascinating in the future?

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