What is the difference between AGM automatic start stop battery and ordinary battery

Posted 2020-09-16 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In order to save fuel, more and more new cars are equipped with automatic start stop function. The car equipped with this function will be equipped with an independent automatic start and stop, which only works for the automatic start and stop system. So what's the difference between an automatic start stop battery and an ordinary battery? Why is there an extra battery? First of all, here is a question for many car owners: will the automatic start stop system affect the service life? It should be noted that most of the engine wear occurs when the cold start dry friction, but in the normal operation of the vehicle, the lubricating oil is absorbed in the engine, and the hot start will not produce too much wear. Secondly, the early start-up and stop system did not have too many protective devices. The current start stop system will be equipped with various protection systems, for example, when the water temperature and oil temperature are too low, or when the air conditioning and other electrical systems are working, it is forbidden to intervene to protect the engine. Of course, when the engine starts, it will inevitably be accompanied by certain jitter and start delay, which is inevitable, so this is also the reason why many car owners shut down the start and stop system when they get on the car. Let's return to the start stop battery itself. Why should the start stop system have an additional independent battery? This is mainly because the start-up and stop system work, the battery needs to be charged and discharged quickly, the ordinary lead-acid battery can not discharge many times in a short period of time, and its partition board can not let the electric ions pass quickly. Secondly, due to the frequent operation of the start stop system, the start stop battery is used more than the ordinary battery, so it is more durable and demanding in the design. Its service life is more than three times that of ordinary battery, and the service life of normal battery is more than 6 years. Can ordinary battery replace automatic start and stop battery? The answer is No. After installation in a short period of time, no difference may be found. However, because the working strength of ordinary battery cannot meet the requirements, the battery will be in a state of obvious power loss after a start-up. When the system detects that the battery power is not enough to restart the vehicle, the start stop system will not work. High frequency and high-intensity charging and discharging will bring great damage to ordinary batteries, and also reduce the performance and service life of batteries. In addition, some AGM batteries are placed in the rear compartment or under the seats and wrapped in full seal, while ordinary batteries are not fully sealed, which may cause safety hazards. Ordinary battery and start-up / stop battery perform their respective duties and have different characteristics. Otherwise, the manufacturer will not increase the cost to place a new battery without any reason. However, the addition of new batteries will naturally increase vehicle costs and maintenance costs. Then combined with the purpose of fuel saving of start stop system, is there any loss?

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