Weilai user trust set up 5 million fund to fight against new pneumonia

Posted 2023-02-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In the year of gengzi mouse in 2020, the Spring Festival, which should have been a festive and lively Festival, has become unusually cold and depressed. An unprecedented new type of pneumonia has hit Wuhan, and then spread rapidly to the whole country. In order to ensure the national security, the people of Wuhan in Jiuzhou thoroughfare have the most decisive way to seal the city. The rapid development of the epidemic, beyond everyone's imagination, enthusiastic car friends have begun to raise money for the community and users. In the face of this new type of pneumonia, Wei Lai user trust has the responsibility to do something. Today (January 28, 2020), in the form of emergency conference call, the user trust Council discussed how to deal with the epidemic, how to provide the most practical help to the owners of Weilai, how to raise public funds and other issues. The user trust Council decided to raise a special fund of 5 million yuan to fight against new pneumonia. The specific directions of use are as follows: 1. Special fund for anti pneumonia user care. Weilai user trust will provide 3 million yuan for the care of car owners during the new pneumonia epidemic. The detailed rules and implementation of the user care special fund will be led by the president @ Mordor BN Lao Fu An 333, and specific arrangements will be announced in the future according to the epidemic situation and user needs. If you have any suggestions, needs, or resources, please leave a message or follow @ aaaanan in the comment area. 2. Weilai user anti pneumonia public welfare fund. Weilai user trust contributed 2 million yuan to the public welfare action of Weilai auto Friendship Association: (1) directly contributed 1 million yuan to fight the epidemic on behalf of all users. The director of the trust shall contact Wuhan auto friends association to discuss and decide the donation object; (2) provide 1 million yuan to cooperate with the public welfare donation of auto friends. Including 1:1 cash donation and 50% material cost. The detailed rules will be formulated by @ Liu Zhaorong Longgang 0473 in the follow-up. In special times, we need to travel together. No matter you are on your way home, or at your home in Fengcheng; whether you are receiving treatment in the hospital, or you are busy participating in the fight; whether you are isolated at home, or you are wandering on the road, please say your needs, and we will try our best to help you. No matter how cold this winter, there is always a trace of warmth, because our hearts are always together

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