Weilai PK Tesla, first field visit to Weilai super charging station

Posted 2021-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With the end of this wave of overcharge free in China at the end of March, the day when Tesla owners who did not overcharge the car ended again. But at the same time, the first super in Beijing will be put into use immediately. In addition to the power exchange mode, Weilai also has a more direct way to face the competition with Tesla. This also leads to cheyunzhu trying to find out. How about Weilai's first overcharge station in Beijing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla's overcharge for so many years? Wei Lai: finally, there is overcharge. I'm very proud that the first super charging station of Wei Lai in Beijing is located in Zhuangsheng square, No. 6, xuanwumenwai street. It's about 3 minutes' drive to the southwest of Tian'anmen Gate. It's a very core position. Besides, it's in the shopping Mall basement, and the surrounding supporting facilities are also very complete. There are 8 super numbers here, with the rated power of 105kW and the maximum support of 250A current charging. Each two piles share a rated power, that is to say, although it is not exclusive, as long as there is no car in the adjacent parking space, the power is basically its own. After being put into operation on April 11, in the first month, from April 12 to May 11, the owners of Weilai can enjoy the benefits of charging fee and service fee free. Although we chose a weekday afternoon, there are still a large number of vehicles that don't come here to charge. In total, 8 charging spaces basically maintain the charging level of at least 5-6 vehicles. The parking spaces are all exclusive. Although there is no floor lock like some Tesla overcharges, there are always staff on site to guide you, so you don't need to worry about the oil trucks occupying the parking spaces. We can see that the shape design of the charging post is more slender than that of Tesla, with the charging gun on one side and the charging indicator light on the other, which is quite beautiful. The 7-meter-long cable of the charging pile is long enough, and the car can be charged with its head facing in and out, but it will be a little cumbersome if it is charged in advance. However, limited to the structure of underground garage, it will be slightly inconvenient in some areas near the column. And whether ES6 or es8, when there is a car in the adjacent parking space, the wider body will also make the space more limited. Our test vehicle is a vlai es643km performance version. Due to the limited conditions, the power of the vehicle when it arrives is not particularly low, about 45%. By scanning the QR code on the charging post with the mobile phone, the charging can start. At present, plug and play charging is not supported. Also pay attention to the end of charging, you need to click the end of charging and then draw the gun. After the start of charging, the charging power and current gradually climb. After about 50%, they basically reach the peak level we measured that day. At this time, the current exceeds 200A and the voltage is 370v, that is to say, the power is about 74kw. By the time of 60% power, we noticed that the power level had been gradually reduced. At 70% power level, it was about 60 kW, and after 80% power level, it was further reduced. It is worth mentioning that during the charging process, in addition to the corresponding charging state displayed on the mobile phone app and the dashboard in the car, the indicator light on the charging post we just mentioned can also be used. If you look closely, you can see that the upper part of the bar light will turn dark and flicker, which represents the part to be charged, and the remaining normal light band represents the current battery power. With the vehicle charging, the length proportion of two different types of light belts will change accordingly. As long as you scan outside the vehicle, you can roughly know how much electricity has been charged. In summary, from the beginning to the end of charging, the battery has been charged from 45% to 89%, with a total charge of 30.3 degrees. It takes 35 minutes, and the average power can reach 52kw, with a peak value of 74kw. Considering that ES6 only supports power up to 90kw, and the parking space we selected is not affected by the shunting of adjacent vehicles, although it can not be close to 90kw, the peak power of 74kw is within the acceptable range. However, there are many factors that affect the actual power. For example, the engineer on site said that if the SOC of the vehicle can be reduced to about 30%, it is possible to reach the peak power, which is in line with the working logic of most charging piles. In addition, in addition to the vehicles, the temperature at that time and the building at the peak of power consumption may not be able to fully supply power to the charging station and other factors may cause the decline of charging power. But in a word, with Beijing's first overcharge station, both the charging efficiency and the experience process are much better than the domestic and public charging piles. Among the owners of Weilai who came to charge the car that day, many people said they liked it, and finally waited for their own overcharge. Facing Tesla owners, they were more proud. Many people came to "pilgrimage" specially. With the first one, will the back one be far away? This is another issue that many people are concerned about. Although according to the strategy of Weilai, power exchange is still the first way to supplement energy, but with the overcharge station, obviously, it will also greatly improve the efficiency of the vehicle owners of Weilai. It is said that the next Weilai overcharge station will be built in Wangjing, and will be opened in more places in the future. Tesla: we are also waiting for V3, but when it comes to overcharge, the first thing people think of is often Tesla. And as we saw just now, the owner of Weilai can't avoid the comparison with Tesla. So, after experiencing the first overcharge station of Weilai, we came to Tesla for a review. In short, because there are many Tesla overcharge stations now, we use the method of randomly selecting time and place to experience Tesla overcharge station, to simulate the daily ordinary car use scene. The model we are charging is a four-wheel drive long endurance model 3, which is located at the overcharge station of Beijing Huamao center. There are 20 overcharge piles here, with the rated power of 120kw. Before the arrival of V3 overcharge pile, the current overcharge will still divert the vehicles charging at the same time. We rushed from 49% to 80%, and the range increased from 247 km to 404 km, with 26 kilowatt hours, 27 minutes and an average power of 58 kW. The power has been relatively stable. In this way, compared with the overcharge station in Weilai, the overall efficiency is roughly the same. However, if there are few cars, generally speaking, Tesla's overcharge power can exceed 100kW. In fact, this also reflects the current situation of Tesla overcharge station. With the passage of time, Tesla has more and more vehicles, more and more vehicles using overcharge, and more and more overcharge stations. So from the perspective of a single car owner, the overcharge experience of "exclusive luxury" has gradually declined. Apart from the influence of shunting on charging efficiency, some places even have to queue up. And now the overcharge is not free, and there is no power change service from Weilai. Therefore, many Tesla owners are looking forward to V3 charging pile landing in Beijing as soon as possible. At present, only Shanghai Jinqiao station in China has V3 charging pile, which has an independent power of 250KW in theory, which may further reduce the charging time from the current concept of about 1 hour to about half an hour. With the precedent of Shanghai, at least in terms of hardware conditions, it is certain to be satisfied in China. The rest depends on the specific location, fire control and policy issues of Beijing. It is believed that if Beijing starts to lay V3 charging piles, the double increase of quantity and power will greatly relieve the pressure of existing overcharging piles, and the operation of water-cooled thin cable will be more convenient. Don't forget that the long-range model 3 is just on sale, and the following wave of new cars are on the way to delivery. After a round comparison, the advantages of Weilai are still in its good design aesthetics and service perfection. Although the core charging capacity is still slightly inferior to that of Tesla, the actual experience shows that due to the current reasons of Tesla overcharge station, both parties are basically you coming and I going. However, considering that this is the first overcharge station that attracts more and more attention, Tesla is only one of so many overcharge stations, and there is still a potential gap. But Tesla's next move hasn't come to Beijing. The strong technical reserves behind it are still considerable, and the super competition is still going on.

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