Volvo's new all electric xc40suv with zenity system

Posted 2020-09-28 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Zenuity is a leading developer of (AD) Automotive Software and driver assistance technology (Advanced Driver assistance system). Founded in 2017, zenuity is a joint venture between automotive and veoneer, with more than 600 employees in Sweden, Germany, the United States and China. Zenity, an assistant driving software company, has taken another important step. The all electric xc40 sport utility vehicle (to be launched by Volvo cars) will be installed with zenity's assistant driving and safety software. The move marks the first time that zenuity software has been used in high-end, large displacement vehicles around the world, following the installation of a similar system in March for the all electric performance vehicle polar 2. Security is at the heart of zenity's products. Volvo cars is famous for its commitment to car safety, while Jixing is jointly owned by Volvo and the group. Zenuity is a joint venture between Volvo cars and veoneer, each holding 50% of the shares. Veoneer is one of the two most famous brands in the field of automobile safety in northern Europe. Both Volvo xc40 and Polaris 2 use zenity's software, which is enough to prove zenity's advanced product development ability and its commercial attraction due to its safety certificate and auxiliary driving ability. Founded two and a half years ago, zenuity now works with veoneer worldwide to provide products and services to U.S., Chinese and European automakers. The company has a particularly close relationship with Volvo and is the preferred supplier of Geely Holding Group. Geely Holding Group is the fastest-growing private automobile group in China. Its cooperative brands include Volvo, Jixing, proton, lynk Co, lotus, levic and Geely Automobile. In 2018, Geely holdings sold 2.15 million cars. With the launch of the all electric Volvo xc40 SUV next month, this is not only Volvo's first all electric vehicle, but also one of the safest cars on the road. In terms of active safety system, xc40 is the first Volvo model equipped with a new advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) sensor platform, and the software is developed by zenity and veoneer. The new advanced driving aid system platform is a scalable active safety system, which is composed of a series of radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors. Thanks to its strong scalability, the platform is easy to further develop and lays the foundation for the future launch of automatic driving technology. "This demonstrates our ability to build and create a complete software system stack for our customers," said Dennis nobelius, zenuity's chief executive

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