Volkswagen: id.3 will resume production in Germany

Posted 2020-11-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, we learned from foreign media that the production of id.3 will start again on April 23, German time. At present, the factory has resumed production. According to previous reports, the first batch of about 30000 sets of id.3 will be delivered in the summer of 2020, with no official delay. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Germany's zweikao plant id.3 had a capacity of 100 units / day, according to a person familiar with the plant. "We have produced thousands of id.3 units," the person said. In fact, since VW id.3 automatically announced the delivery date, it has been "ill fated". First, it revealed that "the first batch of id.3 was delayed due to software problems". Then, VW official refuted the rumors. However, there seems to be different opinions within VW about this, and some people still think that the software problems of id.3 are not always serious. Now, with the outbreak of coronavirus, the shutdown of VW Germany's factory has been nearly one month, but the time node for the first 30000 units to be delivered in summer 2020 has not changed temporarily. It is reported that Germany's zweikao plant will produce six models based on MEB platform, including the mass production versions of Volkswagen id.3, Volkswagen id.4, seiyate el-born and Audi Q4 e-tron concept cars.

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