Vizieblezone launches Android version of collision avoidance system, which can be integrated into existing car cockpit

Posted 2023-04-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Vizieblezone, a labs / 02 company, announced an Android cockpit version of its vulnerable road user avoidance system, foreign media reported. The latest concept of collision avoidance is a transformative, consumer level car only software solution. (photo source: Viziblezone) Viziblezone turns the mobile phones of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users into life-saving devices. Using the mobile devices of pedestrians as the source of real-time human behavior data to provide predictive analysis, and using the risk expansion model based on robot learning to provide key information for car drivers and cars, to help reduce the impact of driver uncertainty and lack of recognition on the road. Vizieblezone also provides a vehicle / pedestrian collision avoidance system (CAS) assisted by artificial intelligence as the main application of its technology. Different from the existing v2x solution, vizieblezone's technology is the most outstanding and innovative feature, which is that it can detect pedestrians within 180 meters even if the pedestrians are not within the vision range of the vehicle or the vision of the vehicle is blocked. Vizieblezone's Android cockpit solution can be integrated into digital cockpits such as infotainment systems and head up displays that provide instructions and warning messages. The wide integration of its solutions is better than that of most automobile manufacturers, which makes it easier for drivers to obtain driving direction and control communication equipment safely, while maintaining efficient driving, avoiding collision accidents and saving lives.

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