Visteon, Tencent and GAC jointly push smartcore domain controller first mass production on aion LX

Posted 2023-04-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to foreign media reports, on January 8 local time, Visteon Corporation, a leading automotive cockpit electronic equipment technology company, demonstrated the world's first mass production cockpit domain controller - smartcore Gamma (built using the third generation Qualcomm snapdragon cockpit platform), and the domain controller will be launched on aion LX, a new platform of GAC. At CES 2020, Sachin lawande, President and CEO of Visteon, Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent, and Wang Qiujing, President and deputy director of Executive Committee of GAC Research Institute jointly launched Visteon's intelligent integrated car cockpit. Smartcore application on aion LX is the product of technical cooperation announced by Visteon, Tencent and GAC at CES 2019. The new smartcore smart cockpit integrates Tencent's tais system and the third generation Xiaolong car cockpit platform, and the aion LX equipped with the smart cockpit is expected to be launched in early 2020. Visteon's smartcore domain controller integrates the electronic control unit (ECU) to independently run multiple displays and applications in the cockpit. It not only enables the passengers to understand the information and enjoy the entertainment in the car, but also has the advantages of weight, power consumption and cost. It is helping the automobile manufacturers to transition to the intelligent cockpit. Visteon is the first tier one supplier to launch a cockpit domain controller on a mass production vehicle (early 2018) and the industry leader in this technology. The first mass-produced smartcore application will appear on aion LX, providing power for three cabin areas, including the instrument panel, Infotainment System and body control interface, allowing users to adjust the seat, exterior rear-view mirror and cabin temperature by sliding their fingers. As the first mass production intelligent cockpit domain controller in the industry, Visteon's smartcore not only demonstrates Visteon's strong integration ability as the leader of cockpit electronic equipment in the industry, but also marks a new era of intelligent cockpit mass production. On aion LX, smartcore integrates Tencent's Tai solution, realizes user interaction and control functions based on voice recognition, and provides users with a new digital experience. The system uses the third generation of Xiaolong car cockpit platform to provide the next generation of cockpit system with powerful computing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, equipped with high-performance CPU and GPU core, which can support 6 to 8 screens, intelligent voice interaction, augmented reality and image processing. In the future, Visteon will continue to cooperate with GAC Research Institute to promote the development of digital cockpit, centralized computing and other intelligent technologies.

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