Vision donated 50 million yuan and medical materials to key epidemic areas and established mask production line assistance

Posted 2022-12-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On February 12, 2020, the first batch of 300000 N95, medical masks and 5 million funds have been sent to the epidemic area. The second batch of 600000 medical supplies and 8 million yuan will be sent to Hubei, prefecture level cities and counties in China and other regions with severe epidemic situation for precise donation from the 20th. The third batch of medical materials will be sent to the epidemic area on March 1. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the prospect is prejudged to the situation is grim, at the first time, through the group in twenty countries offices in the world to purchase protective products. At present, more than 2 million masks and protective equipment purchased by vision are being shipped to China from Denmark, France, Japan, Germany and the United States. Vision the end of January will start to target the hospitals with short supplies. In the face of the frequent and urgent anti epidemic front line, vision recently sent all 300000 medical masks stored by the company to the epidemic area, including 20000 masks prepared for resumption of work by vision. "We would rather postpone the resumption of work by ourselves than stop work due to lack of protection at the front line of the anti epidemic campaign." Zhang Lei, CEO of vision technology group, said. At present, 300000 medical materials, including N95 masks and medical surgical masks, are being delivered to emergency hospitals and community personnel through the front-line real-time demand information of dozens of employees in Hubei. The first 5 million yuan will also be sent to local governments. The second batch of 600000 medical supplies and 8 million donated funds will be delivered to the third and fourth tier cities in Hubei Province from the 20th, where medical resources are the most scarce. "The mission of vision is to" solve challenges for the sustainable future of mankind ". Behind the mission is great love. It's our mission to face the epidemic, solve the challenges and have a long-term vision. " "In addition to curing the sick, effective protection and isolation are the key to protecting lives and preventing the spread of the epidemic," said Zhang Lei. At present, the lack of protective equipment in the epidemic area, even many medical personnel also fell down because of inadequate protection. The vision is to solve this challenge and try our best to get the most difficult resources and match them to the most needed places. " "Just the night before yesterday, our global purchasing team urgently found a famous Danish supplier of protective products and 900000 European standard FFP2 (N95 level) medical masks, and immediately invested 13.5 million yuan to take all the inventory, which will be delivered to China before February 20." Zhang Lei said. As the enterprises start to return to work, it is expected that the daily demand of the whole country will reach hundreds of millions, while the current demand will reach tens of millions, and the gap between the supply and demand of masks will be an order of magnitude. Zhang Lei said: "although vision has delayed the resumption of work due to the issuance of full inventory masks, a special project team has been in continuous operation for 24 hours. In order to provide more assistance, vision decided to produce masks by itself in early February, planning to produce 100000 masks a day. From the supervision of production equipment, to the design and construction of clean space, to the guarantee of raw materials. Everything is racing forward. At present, it seems that the automatic production line can arrive at the end of February and the commissioning is completed, and it will be put into production from March 1. " With the mission of "solving challenges for the sustainable future of human beings", vision group is a leading intelligent technology enterprise in the world, which has vision AESC, vision energy of intelligent fan manufacturing enterprise and vision intelligence with the world's leading intelligent IOT operation system. Vision is ranked in the top 10 of the world's top 50 Smartest Companies in 2019 by the global authority MIT Technology Review. Vision has global first-class R & D strength, and has set up R & D and innovation centers in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan and other countries.

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