Using induction asynchronous apple to apply for driving motor patent

Posted 2020-12-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, apple applied for patent No. 10630127 in the United States. The motor is an induction asynchronous motor, which adopts similar design principles and basic architecture. It is speculated that Apple will use induction motor as electric drive unit. In the introduction of the patent, we can see that the motor Apple applied for this time is asynchronous motor, and adopts squirrel cage motor technology, which has a similar design with Tesla. The induction asynchronous motor used by Tesla Model s is also called AC asynchronous motor. It is composed of rotor and stator. The rotor adopts squirrel cage structure, i.e. several conducting poles form a cylinder similar to the squirrel cage, and then the conducting disks made of several silicon steel sheets are superposed together and embedded in the squirrel cage, which can effectively reduce heat and internal loss. Because this type of motor doesn't need permanent magnet, and the material is mainly steel and copper, so the cost is low and the later maintenance cost is also low, which is adopted by many automobile enterprises. Induction asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor are called two types of electric motor. They have advantages and disadvantages. Tesla used induction asynchronous motor in the early stage, but also used permanent magnet synchronous motor in model 3, so it is difficult to say which motor has more advantages. For the detailed technical interpretation of the two, we also have a popular science article similar to "cost concepter new energy core technology motor", which can be viewed by interested partners.

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