Toyota, Subaru joint development of pure electric platform, new car exposure, or Tesla's strongest competitors?

Posted 2020-10-21 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

When it comes to the big guys in Japanese car companies, the first thing I think about is, and the three brands. Whether it's sales volume or market value, Toyota is big brother. In addition to these well-known brands, there are some niche brands in Japan, and they are the best in this part. What kind of melon will Toyota produce when it cooperates with Subaru? In fact, this question has been answered in 2013. Toyota and Subaru have jointly built brz and 86, two classic sister models. The appearance and interior of the two models are designed by Toyota engineers, which are basically the same, making people feel more like the standard replacement model. Subaru is responsible for the chassis and engineering development, both of which are equipped with Subaru FA20 level four cylinder opposed. In summary, Subaru contributes more technology to these two models. In addition, although However, although there are many similarities between the two models, they are actually different in terms of adjustment. How are they going? Both models are regarded as classics of this level, which has won the favor of many consumers. It's worth looking forward to the cooperation between Toyota and Subaru on the development of pure electric platforms. It has been 15 years since 2005. Last September, the relationship between the two old friends will be further deepened. Toyota will increase its investment in Subaru from 16.8% to 20%, but it will not hurt Subaru's independence. The two sides will jointly develop medium and large pure electric vehicles Vehicle specific platform, and in the field of automotive Internet and cooperation will also be launched. It is understood that unlike the previous brz and 86 cooperation in R & D, Toyota and Subaru will integrate their respective advantages, which means that Toyota's electrification technology will be used on the new platform, and Subaru's advantage project all wheel drive technology may also be used. Therefore, this cooperation can be seen as the integration of the technical advantages of the two major automobile enterprises, and the products born in the future are very worthy of expectation. The new car is exposed or developed based on the new pure electric platform. According to foreign media reports, Subaru will launch its first model, evoltis. The new car is built based on the pure electric platform it cooperates with Toyota, using the electrification technology that Toyota prides itself on, and equipped with Subaru's full-time four-wheel drive system, with an output of 280 PS's powerful power may even provide a four-wheel vehicle with motor mounted front and rear axles and SAWD four-wheel drive system, with a range of about 500km. In addition, it may also use Subaru's advanced eyesight driving assistance system. In terms of appearance, the author thinks that evoltis may come from the hands of Toyota designers. The appearance of the new car tends to be radical and adopts two-color design. No matter the front face or the side of the car body, there are many pompous lines. This is a little similar to the c-hr of Toyota's small SUV, which is very avant-garde and also very recognizable. However, evoltis may face the problems that 86 and brz have encountered. How to build different character models on the same platform? 86 and BRZ are as like as two peas, and even the details are hard to find. The difference is more reflected in the steering and chassis training. The popular point is that brz can drive faster on the plug Road, but 86 is more suitable for drifting. So how does Evoltis distinguish a pure electric vehicle? In fact, Subaru can also choose to carry out differentiated design on appearance and interior decoration, but it means huge design, procurement and production costs. Taking appearance as an example, from appearance design to later collision test, it will be a huge expense. Compared with different adjustment costs, it will be much lower. This may also be Subaru's choice to cooperate with Toyota to develop pure electric vehicle An important reason. In the wave of electrification, no car company can stay out of the business. At the beginning of this year, Subaru announced a 10-year plan to add new electric models to its entire vehicle line products by 2025, and let electric vehicles or cars account for more than 40% of global sales by 2030. The goal is to reduce average carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. However, the cost of electric transformation is very high. At first, the group predicted that the electric transformation would cost 20 billion euros. Then, Herbert dease, CEO of the group, said that, according to the current situation, this amount is not enough. Daimler, the parent company, also said that by 2022, its investment in 10 models will be higher than the original estimated 10 billion euros, and even through layoffs to save the cost of electric transformation Ben. The huge transformation cost that makes both Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz feel embarrassed is even more expensive for Subaru, a niche brand. By contrast, cooperation is indeed a better way. What's more, there are precedents for automobile companies to carry out cooperation, such as specific Mercedes Benz of luxury brands and cooperation in some aspects. Write at the end: both Subaru and Toyota need their own technical advantages. At the same time, Toyota has strong financial support. The cooperation between them is complementary to each other in technology. It is also a good way for Subaru to transform like electrification. The first model evoltis they cooperate with is actually a trademark registered by Subaru in the United States in 2018, which also indicates the future Or enter the U.S. market at will, aiming at model x, but it is said that new cars are built based on a global framework, so they may also be introduced into the Chinese market.

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