Toyota's first pure electric SUV experience! Is 400km endurance your dish?

Posted 2021-01-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Before the beginning of the text, I'd like to tell you a real story. At the end of March, my cousin of a classmate wanted to buy a car. Most Cantonese would prefer Japanese brands when they bought a car, and Liangtian naturally became the first choice. She didn't know what car to buy, she just gave a rather vague budget (within 200000 yuan), so we took the team to Guangfeng 4S store in Panyu. After a round of shopping, I recommended her to buy a double engine (because 10 airbags are really fragrant in tnga Architecture), but she was still more inclined to choose c-hr. She didn't care about what power, architecture or even cost performance. Later I asked her why she liked c-hr so much, and she said to me, "it's beautiful, and the design in the car is very young..." Sure enough, steel straight men pay attention to cost performance. Young girls just need to feel right. Recently, we all received the real shooting task of c-hr ev. After the electric drive power assembly is installed, can ta capture the hearts of consumers? (* test drive will be released next week) 1. C-hr EV is also based on tnga structure, but after canceling and adding the flat bottom, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is lower and the bending stability is better. Of course, let's talk about this in the test drive article. 2. C-hr EV is equipped with Panasonic ternary lithium battery pack, with a capacity of 54.3kwh and NEDC endurance of 400km. 3. Maximum power / torque of permanent magnet synchronous motor: 150KW / 300nm, more powerful than fuel version. 4. The c-hr EV is also equipped with 10 airbags. 5. Equipped with Toyota safety sense intelligent travel safety kit, which supports PCs collision warning safety system (with pedestrian identification), DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system (with full speed range following function), etc. 1. The appearance part is optimized for pure electric vehicles, such as the increase of wings on both sides, the sinking of side skirt, the increase of small tail, etc., and the addition of EV exclusive fluorite blue color. 2. In order to ensure safety, tnga focuses on the optimization of the structure of the battery pack, for example, the parts in the engine compartment will "sink" (like the engine sinking design) after being hit by the front, so as to avoid invading the cab and damaging the battery pack. In addition, wind guide grooves are arranged on both sides of the battery pack (close to the car side) to assist in heat dissipation, which also plays a role of buffer, high pressure The circuit is arranged in the center of the battery pack to avoid leakage after impact. 3. A USB interface and a 220V socket are added at the lower part of the instrument panel to increase the functionality and practicability. C-hr EV has applied a new tnga architecture and "keen look" appearance design. As for the so-called "keen look", to be honest, the official didn't give an accurate Chinese interpretation, but in my personal understanding, it's a sharp design language. For example, we can see a lot of bulging muscle lines on new leiling, new Camry and willanda. In the past Toyota body, we didn't seem to see such exaggerated curved shape. The addition of "keen look" has erased the image that Toyota always gives people "mean", "boring" and "buying vegetables". It's interesting to say that after the test drive of the c-hr EV, I sat in McDonald's with people from Guangfeng for a long time. According to them, women accounted for half of all the c-hr car buyers. In my memory, the last Toyota car so popular with women compatriots probably dates back to the era of Yaris. We all say that women are emotional animals. Since c-hr is so popular with female compatriots, do I need to spend a lot of time introducing this pure electric c-hr? Obviously not. Of course, in order to show TA's new energy identity, c-hr EV has made some changes in some details, the most obvious one is the sunken side skirt, as well as the tail with an increase of 20 mm. These design changes are not only for good-looking, but also for more functional considerations, such as reducing the wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle, bringing lower power consumption level. The c-hr EV is equipped with 17 inch aluminum alloy wheel hub as standard, and the spokes are wider than the fuel version. The manufacturer said that such a design has a lower drag coefficient, but I doubt how much the "low drag" wheel hub can bring to the drag. Let's say that this kind of design is more beautiful. Go into the car and have a look at the interior. The pure electric version is consistent with the fuel version of c-hr on the whole. However, a USB interface and a 220V socket are added at the lower part of the instrument panel. If you go out for a picnic, the 220V socket is quite practical. As long as you bring a small power battery stove, you don't need to bring any portable gas stoves. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel in the central control part can be displayed according to the driving mode. The left side shows the remaining mileage, while the right side shows the driving speed, mileage subtotal and other information. Double zone automatic air conditioning, equipped with PM2.5 air filter system, can achieve 97% pollen removal rate, in addition, built-in nano e Gamma Nano water ion generator can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the car, which can protect the health of the people in the car in this special period. Simply experience the space. The 180cm high experiencer sits in the front row. After adjusting to the right position, there is still a fist of space in the head. The wings on both sides of the cushion of c-hr EV can wrap the waist well, and the headrest can also bring sufficient support to the back of your head, which can protect your neck when you rear end. (space experience in the front row) to be honest in the rear row, there is no problem in the space of the head and legs, but the light transmittance area of the rear window is too small. In addition, the front row sports seats block part of the line of sight, which inevitably causes a little pressure. (rear space experience) the rear seats support 4 / 6 reclining. After fully reclining, they form a certain angle with the trunk platform. However, it is enough to go to IKEA to buy some furniture in this depth. C-hr EV is equipped with Panasonic ternary lithium battery pack, with battery capacity of 54.3kwh and NEDC endurance of 400km. In order to ensure that the battery is durable enough, Toyota has installed a battery heating system for c-hr EV, which can still guarantee normal charging and discharging performance in high temperature or severe cold environment. (the battery pack is laid flat on the bottom of the vehicle, and the rear double wishbone is hung independently to make it harder for the electric vehicle) the fast charging port is located in the left rear fender, and the fast charging time is 50 minutes (from 0% to 75%). Let's talk about the motor again. The c-hr EV uses the motor independently developed by Toyota. The comprehensive output power / torque is 150KW / 300nm. The new car supports eco / normal and Sport modes. In sport mode, the official acceleration time of 0-50km / h is 3.4s. Of course, there are more details about driving and endurance. I want to put them in the test drive article (test drive Article 27 goes online). It's a little bit revealed that the endurance of this car is very accurate. Basically, as long as you run as many kilometers, you will lose as many kilometers. In addition, the c-hr EV also supports the b-file recovery adjustment function and three recovery strength options. C-hr EV is based on tnga platform, which is different from GAC Toyota ia5 with trumpchi logo. It is the first pure electric vehicle in the true sense of Toyota, and Toyota's pure electric water test with c-hr is believed to be related to the positioning of this vehicle, after all, young people are more likely to accept new things. As for the power stronger than the fuel version, can the 400km NEDC endurance be favored by young people? Let's wait and see.

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