To be luxurious and fuel efficient, these three SUVs are worth recommending

Posted 2022-06-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

When it comes to new energy, I think a lot of people will think of BYD Tang DM, which has conquered the Chinese people with its performance and has always played an important role in new energy. However, if we want to talk about luxury new energy medium-sized SUVs, Tang may not be the first choice. After all, there are no perfect people and no finished cars. Hydrogen cloud chain also believes that these three plug-in hybrid SUVs, which focus on luxury experience, are more worthy of recommendation. -Manufacturer's guide price of Tengshi X: 2898-357800, equipped with BYD technology, but the model [appearance design] sold in 4S store, Tengshi X's design is from Mercedes Benz, the overall design is more round, a beautiful light belt design at the front of the car, with a more round front face, appears to be very advanced. The same is true for the side of the car body. In the absence of strong lines, it gives a sense of strength to the outline. It can be seen that a lot of attention has been paid to the design. [interior highlights] although the layout of interior decoration comes from BYD Tang's design language, it has been optimized for many details, such as propeller style air-conditioning outlets, encircling cockpit, seat adjustment and wood veneer on the door handle, and some chrome strip decorations, all convey a sense of luxury, which is an advantage that competitors do not have. [power and fuel consumption] in terms of power, Tengshi x PHEV adopts a 2.0t6 double clutch gearbox and a power system composed of plug-in hybrid system. The 100 km acceleration of the whole series of models has reached 4.3 seconds, and the fuel consumption of 100 km is only 1.8 L. at the same time, it also has 81 km pure electric mileage. The meter is excellent. Jeep - commander phevjeep's first new energy model. [appearance design] commander PHEV's appearance is very rigid, and the overall shape is relatively square. Whether it's the thick chrome plated middle net on the front face or the straight lines on the side, the roof is also relatively straight, and the space in the back row is relatively wide, which makes him feel powerful. [interior highlights] in terms of interior decoration, although commander PHEV does not have a large central control screen, soft materials and leather packages are used around it, which makes it comfortable to touch. In other parts, piano paint panels and chrome plating decoration are used, which also reflects the feeling of American luxury cars. [power and fuel consumption] in terms of power, commander PHEV has a 2.0T engine with a maximum horsepower of 230 HP, which is matched with E-CVT inorganic, and the plug-in hybrid system is also excellent. It is a front dual motor layout with a maximum torque of 432nm. But it is not reflected in the acceleration result. The acceleration result of 100km is 8.6 seconds, the pure electric endurance is 70km, and the fuel consumption of 100km is 1.6L. Wey - manufacturer's guide price: 25980 - 279800 for the brand new BYD Tang DM model. [appearance design] P8's front face uses a very wide air intake grille, which is very domineering. With matrix LED headlights, it also reveals some sense of technology. The side of the car body is more elegant, and a chrome plated strip extends to the C-pillar, reflecting a sense of refinement. The charging port is arranged on the left wing. [interior highlights] in terms of interior decoration, P8 adopts a 9-inch suspended central control screen. Although the size is not very large, the display is very delicate. Other parts of the dashboard are wrapped in leather and made of metal. No plastic can be seen, creating a good sense of luxury. This is the goal that P8 has been pursuing. [power and fuel consumption] in terms of power, the P8 is equipped with a 234 HP engine, and the plug-in hybrid system is a layout of rear mounted single motor, which is mainly to reflect the advantages in acceleration, making the acceleration of 100 km only 6.5 seconds, but the pure electric endurance is only 50 km, making the fuel consumption reach 2.3 liters.

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