There's also a gimmick in biean LX. How many global initiatives does GAC new energy AEON V have?

Posted 2020-09-08 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 27, the third product of aeon family - AEON V ushered in the global launch. The new car is also built based on gep2.0 pure electric platform. NEDC's comprehensive endurance mileage is up to 600 km, and the pre-sale price starts from 170000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that AEON V is not only the world's first 5g car defined by GAC new energy, but also has L3 level capability. It is reported that AEON V is equipped with China's first integrated 5g + c-v2x vehicle intelligent communication system independently developed by GAC new energy and Huawei's new generation 5g vehicle module mh5000. It has three advantages of high speed, low delay and wide connection, and can connect millions of terminals. Cheyun mushroom understands that the last model mentioned 5g landing is the Chinese express hiphi 1, which has a more comprehensive interpretation of 5g. Cheyun mushroom has not seen too much extension in this respect. It is not the first time GAC new energy has mentioned L3 level automatic driving. On the LX, the company has claimed that it is the world's first mass-produced L3 model. On Eyan V, GAC new energy further broadened its definition, defining the new car as "the second global model equipped with high-precision map, full speed range L3 automatic driving technology", and claimed that "under the circumstances of laws and regulations, it supports drivers to leave for a long time". Cheyunzhu believes that it is necessary to wait until the new car is actually mass produced before making a judgment. It should be noted that AEON V has also brought intelligent remote parking function. Similarly, AEON V supports remote parking within 6 meters, including parking in and parking out functions. At the same time, it supports full scene intelligent parking such as ramp, inclined train and intelligent tracking parking, which can provide users with a very convenient parking experience. Thanks to gep2.0 pure electric platform, AEON V stands out in the same level of models. Specifically, the wheelbase of aeon V reaches the longest 2830mm in the same level, achieving the largest axial length ratio of 61.7% in the same level. Moreover, the cockpit design of "whale space" on AEON s is also extended to AEON V, so that it has the optimal practical storage space design at the same level, which maximizes the comfort of the cockpit space. In addition, AEON V has four global initiatives. First, the world's first EA health cockpit. Second, the world's first herbal fragrance cockpit. Third, it is the world's first remote one button medical filtering. Fourth, the world's first solar fresh air purification system. It can be simply understood that sitting in the aeon V is not only comfortable, but also very safe. In the view of cheyunzhu, GAC new energy is constantly climbing the summit of science and technology, and always wants to be the first person to eat crabs. From the world's first L3 model to the equally distant 5g landing for us, GAC new energy is eager to let users know that TA is at the forefront of the era of intelligent electric vehicles. The car cloud fungus has innumerable how many world's first technologies on AEON V, and how many technological breakthroughs other cars are looking forward to. But for today's users, frankly speaking, these are just bonus items, not the first driving force for users to make up their mind to buy. The real advantage of aeon V lies in the super high endurance of 600km and the super cost performance of 170000 pre-sale price. At least at present, AEON V is a good choice.

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