The spy photo of Guangqi aion V road test is exposed! Competition for BYD song Pro ev

Posted 2021-05-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The car and aion LX were built based on the second generation of GAC pure electric exclusive platform. The wheelbase of the new vehicle is 2830mm, but the vehicle length is only 4586mm, and the maximum endurance under NEDC condition is 600km. The new car will be launched in the second quarter, and competitors will lock in Song Pro pure electric version and other models. It is expected that the starting price will be around 180000 yuan. As the second aion series of GAC new energy, aion V adopts steel aluminum hybrid body design. The overall appearance is similar to aion LX. The narrow LED headlamp is different from aion LX's "4D cloud piercing arrow" LED headlamp. The closed front face is decorated with dots. The chrome plated decorative strip runs through the headlamp to the C-pillar position. From the side, the top of the body is gradually lowered from front to back, and the floating roof design is adopted. In terms of competitive products, GAC new energy aion V will lock in BYD song Pro EV, Ex5 and other models. In terms of body size, aion V has a certain advantage with the wheelbase length of 2830mm. In terms of power, the permanent magnet synchronous motor adopted by aion V has a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 350n. M, which is consistent with aion LX, but has a breakthrough in endurance mileage, with a maximum of 600km.

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