The only "sports car" in 150000, equipped with frameless door + automatic parking, can also point to pulse open door + brush face to start

Posted 2020-11-25 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

There are a lot of cheap ones on the market, such as the price of the people-friendly 86 and Mazda MX-5, which have maintained a good heat. Recently, the field of electric vehicles is also very hot. For example, those who lead the trend of science and technology have launched the long-term version of modle 3. However, the direction of new energy on the sports car, the production of electric sports cars, and there is no small heat, I'm afraid we can't find a few. However, a new energy vehicle company called Zero run launched Zero run S01 last year, which is an electric sports car. This is their company's first car and the only electric sports car in 150000. Of course, it is easy to think of zero running as a temporary "ticket game", and it has to be said that there is indeed a clever element in it. Zero run may be to see the future trend of new energy and new energy; to take advantage of the advantages of technology companies and enter the extremely competitive car market before entering the new energy sports car market. Maybe everyone is not optimistic about the zero running S01, but before we make a conclusion, we need to understand the car carefully. First of all, in my opinion, the appearance of this car is very moderate. Although it is not very beautiful, it is not ugly. The design of the front face is quite special, because it is an electric vehicle, there is no need for air intake grille. However, the Zero run S01 is still in the position of the air intake grille. It uses a black decorative plate which is different from the body color. Obviously, it is not brave to challenge the Cognitive Inertia of consumers. But from the side, the proportion is a little inconsistent, not as low lying and long as other sports cars, but as a car's butt has been cut. The reason for the maladjustment is that the leading S01 puts the group on the chassis, so the floor in the car is relatively high, and the car is very thick with enough riding space. However, the design of two doors and the frameless glass after opening the door still have a bit of sports car flavor. From the front and back, the curve formed by the shape of the big slip back has a good show here. If you want me to give a score for the appearance of the Zero run S01, full score 10 points, I will give 6 points. Because the appearance of this car is not enough to meet the high beauty standard of sports cars, but it has not made any big mistakes, and it just passed the standard. After entering the car, I will improve my liking for the car. First of all, the way to open the door is very ritualistic: I just need to put my finger into a groove in the door crack, at this time, the vehicle will automatically recognize the living biological characteristics of your finger vein to verify your identity, and then open the door in three seconds. For some tech men and geeks, such a technology configuration has a deadly appeal. Then, sitting in the car, I was immediately attracted by the red and black interior design, the bright red sports car seat full of fighting atmosphere, and the delicate and simple central control design. The lines in the central control area are very simple, and many function buttons are omitted. It looks very fresh. The instrument panel and the car screen are both 10.1 inches, adopting a through design that is also in use, with a full sense of technology. It is worth mentioning that the way to start the vehicle is also very scientific and technological. You only need to look at a camera next to the rearview mirror in the car. After face recognition of the driver's identity, the vehicle will start immediately, and start the seat memory function to automatically adjust the sitting posture of the original owner, which is very humanized. After getting out of the car, the standard automatic parking of the whole series can also let us control the automatic side parking, reverse storage, etc. of the vehicle through the mobile phone Zero run app when we are not in the car. Of course, the main service of such a small two door sports car as the Zero run S01 is the front row passengers. The space in the back row is very difficult to accommodate a comfortable adult, so it can only be reduced to a place to put bags. The rear seats can also be put down to get a flat platform, forming a large backup space for large items. In terms of power, the Zero run S01 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 125KW. The power level is regular. Although it is abundant to drive the car, the zero speed up time of 6.9 seconds is still not enough. Of course, S01 motor belongs to the independent R & D and manufacturing of zero running, which can integrate the functions of kinetic energy recovery and has strong economy. At the same time, in terms of handling, the Zero run S01 also shows good accuracy. It can also be quite satisfactory with the shift paddle. Generally speaking, as a top matched 149900 (rear) "small sports car", Zero run S01, although not supported by a large brand, is more or less heartless, and its appearance is not very good-looking, but its strength is still worthy of recognition. First of all, the interior design is very fashionable and convenient to use; the safety and comfort functions of civic and festa at the same price are not available, and the Zero run S01 is well equipped; in addition, it also uses the uncommon black technology, which is the biggest highlight of Zero run S01. In terms of its price, the Zero run S01 is a relatively personalized and unique "small sports car" for people.

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