The global sales volume of Toyota RAV4 exceeds ten million! Plug in hybrid models launched in China in June

Posted 2021-05-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, according to Toyota official announcement, by the end of February 2020, the global cumulative sales volume of RAV4 has exceeded "ten million sets". In the 26 years of development of Toyota RAV4, there are 5 generations of models in total, and regenerative active vehicle with 4-wheel drive is also the origin of the abbreviation of its vehicle name. At the Tokyo auto show in 1989, Toyota launched its Rav four concept car, and also initiated the idea of launching the first small four-wheel drive model. At the Tokyo auto show in 1993, Toyota again introduced a concept car close to the mass production version of RAV4. The next year Toyota officially launched its first generation of RAV4 models. In the domestic market, Toyota RAV4 was introduced into the domestic market as early as 2004. However, due to the small number of three door models, this model has also been ignored by domestic consumers. In 2006, Toyota introduced the new RAV4 five door model again, which also laid the foundation for the future of this model. In April 2009, Toyota RAV4 was officially launched in China. The small bag style spare wheel and the similar appearance of Toyota Prado made it a hot SUV in the domestic market. The fifth generation of Toyota RAV4 was officially launched in China in October 2019. The brand new hard look design and tnga architecture platform give it a new life. In June this year, Toyota RAV4 also plans to launch a plug-in hybrid model in China, which is equipped with a system composed of 2.5L naturally aspirated + electric motor. The transmission system will match the E-CVT and the four-wheel drive system.

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