The fuel consumption of 100km is only 2L. Volkswagen's SUV can save you money

Posted 2020-09-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 25, - in the form of an online press conference, we were shown the first new energy SUV model of FAW Volkswagen - Tianyue GTE. As the first new energy SUV of FAW Volkswagen brand, the strength of Tianyue GTE can't be underestimated. In terms of appearance design, tanyue GTE still keeps the latest design language of the Volkswagen family. Based on the design of the original tanyue model, more personalized elements have been added to the new car. The C-type daytime running light and the chrome plated front grille look domineering. At the same time, the blue GTE letter on the grille also shows its new energy identity. In addition, GTE's logo is everywhere on the body fender and the integrated LED floor lamp in the exterior rear-view mirror. GT stands for Gran Turismo, while e stands for electric. Sitting in the car, blue has become the theme of interior design. The seat stitches, atmosphere lights and door handles in the car are all made of blue, so that users can always be aware of its new energy identity. As a new energy vehicle, the power system often becomes the most concerned place of users. Tanyue GTE is equipped with a 85KW permanent magnet synchronous motor under the structure of 1.4T and P2. The matching is the 6-gear wet double clutch transmission code dq400e. The system's comprehensive power reaches 155kw, and the maximum torque is 400N ยท M. With such a powerful power system, the 100km acceleration time of the GTE is only 8.4s, while the fuel consumption is as low as 2.0L and the pure electric endurance is 54km. The system of GTE has adopted much higher than the international development standards. The battery cell and battery pack have passed more than 40 tests. In addition, 16 high voltage safety technologies have added a safety lock to the battery safety of GTE. In order to make drivers enjoy the driving experience of GTE, the new car is equipped with five different driving modes. Users can choose not only the mode of environmental protection and quiet, but also the mode of hybrid driving with longer endurance mileage. In addition, the mode of battery maintenance, charging and sports all make drivers enjoy the driving pleasure better. In terms of the most concerned price, tanyue GTE will provide luxury and noble models with prices of 249800 yuan and 259800 yuan, respectively. The coming of tanyue GTE may be the prelude of FAW Volkswagen new energy strategy.

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