The first real shot of Hongqi's first large pure electric suv-e115 road test in the whole network

Posted 2021-05-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The concept model of red flag E115 large SUV was first launched in the world at the Frankfurt International Auto Show in 2019. At that time, the body parameters of the concept car announced were 5160mm × 2000mm × 1730mm, and the body wheelbase was 3250mm. According to the previous information released by the red flag official, the car uses four-wheel drive, breaking through the hundred time in 4 seconds, and the maximum endurance mileage is more than 600 km. Recently, a red flag E115 in the stage of real vehicle road test was photographed by car drag. This is also the first real vehicle road test exposure after this concept car appeared. It can be seen from the front face of road test that red flag E115 has the same family modeling language as red flag H9. Although the grille part is covered with camouflage, it can be assumed that it should have the same wingspan LED daytime running light and alpine waterfall air intake grille as H9. In the center of the front of the car, you can see clearly the red stripes designed with reference to the central axis of Beijing. Compared with H9, the head shape of the whole car is more elegant. The vehicle side surface modeling does not have too complex three-dimensional feeling. We notice that the door handle adopts a hidden electric handle similar to the "" style. Of course, this design can also reduce certain wind resistance and wind noise. Due to the positioning of its large SUV, the size of the car body and the richness of the rear space in the car can be seen through the rear door and rear window, as well as the different proportions of the front and rear windows. Red flag E115 wheel hub has a high sense of matching and design with the whole vehicle. It can be seen at the C-pillar of the whole vehicle that it has a highly consistent design with the red flag E115 concept car unveiled at Frankfurt auto show, with a certain sense of convergence at the top of the car tail and good sports characteristics. The tail light of the test car of red flag E115 road also has a high similarity with the tail light of the concept car of red flag E115 which appeared in Frankfurt auto show. Such a bold design does not shrink on the real car, and it is presented in the original design form. The through tail light has a soft end line and high recognition. Red flag E115 interprets the complete image of "luxury electric" of Chinese brand. In addition to having more powerful endurance parameters and three electric technologies, the car is also reported to be equipped with air suspension system to improve comfort and support 7 different driving mode options. According to the recent planning document of Hongqi, the model will be officially put into mass production in 2021, with an estimated output of 51500 sets in the whole life cycle.

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