The first power battery recovery platform on line to improve the maintenance rate

Posted 2021-05-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The second-hand residual value of electric vehicles is low, which keeps some consumers out of the door. The main reason is that the product iteration is fast and the depreciation is high. Generally speaking, the cost of battery accounts for about 40% of the total cost of an electric vehicle. Improving the efficiency of battery recovery is the key to crack the second-hand market of electric vehicles. On March 27, the power battery recovery public service platform of Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute Co., Ltd. of China Minmetals Group was officially launched, which is the first power battery recovery service platform in China. According to the official introduction, about half a month after the launch of the platform, 37 enterprises have registered in the industry, and the total volume of retired battery transactions is about 100 tons. This platform is based on the European power battery recycling system, which is jointly built by Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Institute and the European Union reverse logistics group (RLG group). According to the relevant person in charge of the platform, the platform has been put into trial operation since the beginning of the year, and can provide comprehensive solutions for the whole industrial chain of retired battery recovery, including retired battery recovery and information traceability, matchmaking, testing and evaluation, warehousing and custody, logistics organization, as well as industry analysis, technical consultation, financial empowerment and other services. By the end of 2019, the number of domestic new energy vehicles has reached 3.8 million, and a number of power batteries have entered the retirement period. The recovery of power battery is the key to promote the development of new energy industry. On January 2, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the industry standard conditions for the comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries of new energy vehicles (2019 version) and the Interim Measures for the administration of the industry standard announcement for the comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries of new energy vehicles (2019 version), regulating the management of the recycling of old batteries. In the key points of industrial energy saving and comprehensive utilization in 2020, it is proposed to "continue to promote the construction of new energy vehicle power battery recycling system." At present, the national traceability management platform has access to 3.57 million new energy vehicles and 5.78 million battery packs. The power batteries circulating in the market can basically achieve traceability management. At the enterprise level, "vehicle electricity separation" is one of the key promotion modes of new energy enterprises in recent years. In this mode, users buy cars and rent batteries, which not only reduces the purchase threshold of new energy vehicles, but also solves the problem of residual value of used cars. , Weima, and other enterprises have launched their own battery buyback programs. To solve the problem of battery recycling, consumers can buy new energy vehicles without worries.

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