The first batch of models released Toyota electric vehicle logo and renamed "e-engine" in April

Posted 2021-05-10 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In the promotion of models, in China, with the image of "double engine" logo, successfully let consumers quickly accept the concept. Recently, Toyota has quietly changed the "e engine" originally used in electric vehicles to "e engine". Double engine, double engine E +, and hydrogen engine are all names that can show the technical characteristics of vehicle models vividly, while "e engine" mainly reflects Toyota's determination to promote pure electric vehicles. Compared with the previous "e engine", the new "e engine" also contains the meaning of "advanced" and "enterprising". The first models of the new "e-engine" family have been identified as Toyota Yize EV and GAC Toyota c-hr EV, which will be released as early as April. From the latest new energy promotion catalogue, we can see that the two models will be equipped with the same electrical system, and the vehicle's endurance mileage will reach 400km.

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