The fatal defect of the ten generations of the mixed movement of the elegant Pavilion. Do you regret buying the mixed movement of the elegant pavilion? Let's take a look

Posted 2022-07-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Nowadays, China has increased the development of new energy vehicles, and major manufacturers have begun to release their own new energy vehicles. In China's regulations, electric vehicles and automobiles are new energy vehicles, while the hybrid non plug-in hybrid vehicles of Shuangqing and today's leading role are not new energy vehicles, only energy-saving vehicles. Since it's not a new energy vehicle, the accord hybrid can't enjoy the exemption of purchase tax. As a layman, do you regret buying the accord hybrid? As an energy-saving car, what's the effect of energy-saving, and what's the fatal defect of accord hybrid? Let's explore. The price of Yake hybrid is 239800-279800, which is much higher than that of Yake gasoline car. The top price of Yake gasoline car is only 237800, and the starting price of Yake hybrid goes to this price. If you look at the price, it's hard for ordinary people to accept the accord, but considering the accord, you may be able to gain an advantage in fuel economy. From the actual test, we are satisfied with the fuel consumption of accord hybrid, which is 5.4l/100km in the relatively crowded road. Although Yake hybrid cars have more advantages than ordinary gasoline cars in urban road sections, some people will doubt the fuel consumption of high-speed cars, because hybrid cars are basically powered by high-speed cars. However, in the actual test, the answer given by accord is also satisfactory, with an average fuel consumption of 5.0 L / 100km. However, in the test, we also found the fatal disadvantage of accord hybrid, that is, when driving at high speed, accord hybrid mostly uses the engine to start to provide electric energy for the motor, and only in the medium speed section, the engine directly drives the vehicle. In this case, the noise in the accord hybrid car is relatively large, and the comfort is worse than that of the vehicle. Although there are many differences between accord hybrid and accord gasoline in terms of power, other shortcomings are basically inherited, such as the common problems of Japanese cars: thin paint, small trunk space, hard suspension, low configuration, etc. In fact, in addition to the fatal problems of high price and high noise, the accord hybrid has performed quite well, especially in terms of fuel economy and power performance. It can almost be said that both fish and bear paws have it.

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