Test drive Zero run T03: 403km with L2 level auxiliary driving system

Posted 2020-10-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

T03 is the second model of Zero run automobile, which has not been officially launched yet. The T03 of our test drive is for trial loading, which may have a certain gap with later mass production models. I don't talk much nonsense. Next, I'll share my test drive experience with you. Let's talk about the most concerned endurance problem: the comprehensive endurance mileage of T03 NEDC is 403km. In the same level, it seems that there is no higher endurance mileage than it. In fact, if you have known about new energy vehicles, you will find that the range of zero running T03 is much longer than that of most joint-venture pure trams. Considering the location of the Zero run T03 (the city limited to purchase is used for commuting and commuting), the 403 km endurance can basically be charged once every half a month. In this way, mileage anxiety is indeed solved. After that, let's talk about the static experience of the Zero run T03. Zero run T03 is a 4-door 4-seat car with a round and lovely design. Like most new energy vehicles, the front part of the Zero run T03 adopts a closed grille design, and the middle logo is its charging port. The Zero run T03 has two kinds of front face designs, as shown in the figure: the side part is shorter and sharper, it looks regular, the wheel rim is 15 inch, and the design is not bad. In addition, it should be noted that the 15 inch model is only equipped with the high-end model, and the standard one of the Zero run T03 is the 14 inch wheel rim. The long way: the rear design is still round and rolling, and girls should prefer this lovely shape. Enter the car, you can see that the Zero run T03 is a large central control screen in the middle, and the sense of technology comes out. When it comes to the large screen, we have to mention the configuration of the Zero run T03. Voice control, keyless entry / start, cruise control, reverse image are more common. What is worth mentioning is its L2 level intelligent driving assistance system. This system integrates lane departure warning, collision warning, overspeed warning, automatic parking and other functions. At this level, its configuration is absolutely unique. (demonstration of automatic parking function) in addition, it can be seen that the Zero run T03 is also equipped with a face recognition system (below is a camera), which can be used to unlock the vehicle soon, and also has the function of fatigue driving reminder. The Zero run T03 is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof. Although it can't be opened, it's really rare at this level. Finally, the dynamic experience: 1. The zero running T03 has three driving modes: economy, standard and sports. The three modes correspond to three kinds of kinetic energy recovery intensity: strong, medium and weak. In the economic mode, you will find that the kinetic energy recovery system is involved in a very rough way. As long as you release the switch, the car will decelerate rapidly until it stops, as if you are stepping on the brake (actually not). People like me who are used to driving fuel vehicles are not used to it at first, but later they find its advantages: in the city, there is no need to step on the brake when walking and stopping, and when there is a traffic jam, the right foot is much easier than driving fuel vehicles. In the standard mode, the intervention of kinetic energy recovery system is much lighter; in the motion mode, kinetic energy recovery is not felt, and it is the same as the fuel vehicle when driving, and it is necessary to step on the brake when following the vehicle normally. 2. The three steering modes of the zero running T03 are not very different. I don't know if I have too much strength. I personally feel that the three steering modes are light, and the steering is also more accurate. It can be said that I am handy when driving. 3. The chassis of the Zero run T03 is hard to adjust. The road feel is very clear when passing the bumpy road, and the chassis supports well when turning. 4. The Zero run T03 is equipped with its independently developed Heracles electric drive assembly, with a maximum power of 55kW (75ps) and a maximum torque of 155n ยท M. Although the data is not so good, but the power is absolutely enough, and thanks to the inherent advantages of electric vehicles, the Zero run T03 acceleration is very smooth, driving the car more than enough. Write in the end: in the impression of most people, the A00 class car is basically the synonym of "cheap": the endurance is low, it's thankful to be able to run 200km; the configuration is nothing, it's just four wheels plus a few sofas. All in all, as a car, they only have the function of "being able to drive away", otherwise, they are useless. However, from the design, configuration and endurance of the Zero run T03, it can be seen that the A00 level courtesy car can be very delicate as well. If the price of such an excellent courtesy car in all aspects is reasonable, it is believed that there will be a market among young consumers.

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