Tesla will release a new electric super running range of nearly 1000 km

Posted 2020-10-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to foreign media electrek, a new generation of roadster and semi electric truck will be released in the second half of this year. It is reported that Tesla launched the first generation of these two cars as early as 2017. Only semi electric trucks were expected to be released this year, but Tesla managed to build the next generation of roadster at the same time. As can be seen from the specifications of roadster released by Tesla, the acceleration time of 0-60mph is 1.9s; the acceleration time of 0-100mph is 4.2s, the maximum speed is more than 250mph, the wheel torque is 10000nm, the endurance mileage is 620 miles, and the contract is nearly 1000 kilometers. The car has 4-seat all wheel drive, and the estimated price is from 200000 US dollars, equivalent to about 1.42 million yuan. The specifications of semi electric truck semi are also eye-catching. The streamlined body design makes the air resistance coefficient of semi truck only 0.36. Compared with the air resistance coefficient of Audi Q3 0.32, this achievement has been very excellent compared with that of truck. The car has four 261 horsepower and 525nm independent motors on two rear axles, with a total output power of 1044 horsepower and a total output torque of 2100nm. It has a full load range of up to 500 miles. Tesla also claims that its operating cost is only about $1.26 per mile. In addition, semi's narrow cab is equipped with high top sleeper to meet the needs of long-distance driving. Perhaps the most anticipated update for Tesla semi is the so-called SpaceX suite, which includes cold air thrusters around the car, which can greatly improve car performance.

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