Tesla's price has increased, and we've come to the bottom! How to deal with the new subsidy policy?

Posted 2020-09-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 23, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions officially issued the notice on improving the promotion and application finance of new energy vehicles, which was officially implemented in 2020. Under the new policy, 1. The endurance threshold was raised, 2. The subsidy amount was lowered, 3. The subsidy model was limited within 300000 (the "power exchange mode" vehicles were not subject to the third point change). As for the expected changes in the first two points, we can say that we have made sufficient preparations, but it is interesting that the third point is to directly limit the subsidies to the models with a price of 300000 yuan or less. As a result, many mid - and high-end electric vehicles with a price of 300000 yuan or more directly enter the state of non subsidy after the transition period. As soon as this policy came out, each car enterprise implemented its own laws to deal with this "subsidy earthquake". : when the price of Tesla goes up all the way with green lights, it brings its model 3 into China. Unexpectedly, it will encounter a "subsidy line" of 300000 yuan soon after it is sold. It can be said that Tesla is one of the most affected new energy vehicle enterprises. Tesla issued an announcement at the first time to deal with the policy change with the price increase. The specific measures are to adjust the price of the upgraded version of the domestic model 3 standard endurance to 300000 yuan (up 4500 yuan), while the price of the domestic long endurance version is adjusted to 344050000 yuan (up 5000 yuan). After the price increase of domestic model 3, however, this is only a "slow plan". With the gradual reduction of costs or the deepening of the localization process, many people are still optimistic that model 3 has a large space for price reduction. Will it be reduced to the top 300000 of the subsidy to enjoy the national subsidy? Let's wait and see. : if we don't pay close attention to the policy provisions and only look at the subsidy limit line of 300000 yuan, we can say that we are the most influential independent brand vehicle enterprise, but in fact, a policy provision is added to encourage the use of the power exchange mode, so the vehicle model using the power exchange mode is not limited by the subsidy line of 300000 yuan, and the vehicle model currently on sale can continue to enjoy the national new energy Car allowance. For the part of "", Wei Lai also quickly said that users of vehicles on the premise of May 31 can still enjoy subsidies in accordance with the national subsidy standard in 2019, and for the part in decline, Wei Lai "pays for the difference at its own expense". The specific subsidy standards are as follows: in the eyes of the outside world, Wei Lai is one of the beneficiaries after the introduction of the new energy vehicle subsidy policy, and the alternative approach has been recognized. Wei Lai Mei Share prices rose before the opening of the day, but then continued the previous downward trend. But then again, for the users of Weilai who have more than 300000 yuan for all models, will the small subsidies really be the factor influencing their choice? : although it is said that the e-tron R & D time is relatively early, Mercedes Benz is ahead of Audi I in making EQC domestically, so EQC has not escaped the "300000 subsidy line" limit. According to the provisions of the new subsidy policy, after the transition period, EQC of Mercedes Benz will not subsidize NEW energy vehicles. In this regard, Benz EQC launched a price protection policy, that is, on June 30, 2020, the original subsidy amount (16000 yuan) can still be enjoyed by car users. The price after subsidy is as follows: Mercedes Benz is the first luxury car enterprise to "eat electric crabs" in China, and the strength of EQC comprehensive products brought by Mercedes Benz is also satisfactory to everyone. However, for Mercedes Benz or other luxury brands, this price limit may be a good opportunity. After all, it is the future of electric cars that does not rely on subsidy competition. These veteran brands should be happy to hear See you. Ideal: the 300000 yuan subsidy limit line, which the CEO promised to keep the price unchanged, is also a big impact on the ideal car with only one ideal one (the subsidized price is 328000 yuan). Up to the time of publication, idealized official didn't take any measures to subsidize the new policy, but idealized automobile CEO said on the social platform that "prospective consumers of idealized automobile don't need to worry, we will bear the part of subsidy reduction, and the user's price will remain unchanged." At present, we don't know whether the initial price remains unchanged or not. Although the introduction of the new policy will certainly cause "pain", which will have an impact on some new energy models and consumers, first of all, the scope of this subsidy decline is not too large. In fact, compared with the current subsidy amount and vehicle price, the proportion is not too large, and consumers' perception is not too strong, especially for models with more than 300000 yuan, after all, the purchase price is 300000 yuan Car users, for the lack of that small part of the subsidy will not be too tangled. All the car companies whose model guidance price covers more than 300000 yuan have introduced various measures to cope with this policy change. Except for the users targeting model 3, other users will not have a great impact in a short time. By the way, don't forget that there is also a "two-year extension of the new energy vehicle purchase tax exemption policy" in the same period, so the new energy vehicle is still worth buying, and you can enjoy it as early as you buy it.

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