Tengshi X and BYD Tang have the same configuration / power - 40000 yuan?

Posted 2021-04-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A lot of friends left a message in our backstage and asked, recently, there is a car model that looks like Tang in the street, but it has some strange logo. Let's guess which car it is. In fact, your first judgment is right. It is the first SUV model of the brand jointly built by BYD and Daimler: Tengshi X. After the redesign of Daimler's designers, the integrated sales network competes with the brother model BYD Tang new energy in the market. But after comparison, we found that the difference between the two cars was almost limited to the design, and the tens of thousands yuan more Tengshi x didn't have a Mercedes logo hanging, so is there any reason why it's expensive? Today, we compare the plug-in hybrid models of Tengshi X and BYD Tang. The price of Tengshi x is 2898-319800 yuan, while that of BYD Tang DM is 2299-329900 yuan. In addition to the top model configuration of BYD Tang DM is very high, and the price is higher than that of Tengshi x, in almost every similar model, Tengshi x is about 40000 yuan higher than that of BYD Tang DM. Today, the price difference between the two models with similar configuration (the same as the dual motor four-wheel drive / 7-seat / high configuration version with rear differential lock) plus RMB 100 is also RMB 40000. Based on the price difference of RMB 40000, is the Tengshi x worth more than the BYD Tang DM? If it's a new car, the data won't lie. For the main engine manufacturer, the appearance and interior are easy to be modified, but it is impossible to modify the chassis architecture foundation, after all, the cost is not allowed to do so. This is also reflected in the size, except for a 2 cm increase in length, other data are almost identical. For a 7-seat SUV with a length of nearly 5m, the difference of 2cm can be almost ignored, and the first real hammer of "standard exchange vehicle" is basically established. The second real hammer is a completely consistent power assembly. BYD Tang new energy is divided into two versions, plug-in hybrid version and pure electric version. The same is true for Tengshi X. As far as the plug-in hybrid models we compared today are concerned, almost all the dynamic related hardware: / / the front and rear motors / differential locks are exactly the same. The hardware foundation of the suspension is also completely consistent. Combining with the same size of the two, it can be concluded that the two are basically one vehicle. If the front dimensions and power parameters are exactly the same, the appearance of the two cars can be said to be "too much difference". Compared with BYD Tang DM, Tengshi X's front face recognition is very high. The closed front face and "denza" logo of the gasoline car are full of new ideas. As the first work of "dragon face" design, BYD Tang DM makes BYD bid farewell to the simple "copycat" for the first time. Although there are still some unsatisfactory places, it is definitely a not ugly car. But as like as two peas, the outline of the two cars is the same, and the difference between the details can be regarded as the beauty of beauty and the beauty of makeup. Like the appearance, the interior design of shangtengshi X and BYD Tang DM are consistent in the basic design of "big face", and the rotating human-computer interface is still eye-catching. But the sharp eyed consumers can see that Tengshi x is based on BYD Tang DM. In terms of detail design, places like interior trim panel / air conditioner air outlet reflect a little bit of "Mercedes Benz taste". Starting from the practicality of configuration, the overall configuration level of BYD Tang DM at the same price is higher than that of Tengshi x, while the space experience and seat comfort are completely the same. In fact, in the so-called "car circle", the phenomenon of changing standard cars can be said to be common. But they are basically based on luxury brands and ordinary brands, and their product strength and tonality are still significantly different. The relationship between Tengshi X and BYD Tang DM is so close that it is rarely seen when the configuration / power / size is exactly the same. In general, in addition to the subtle differences in exterior and interior design, and the "noble experience" of buying a car in a Mercedes Benz 4S store, I can hardly imagine where the extra tens of thousands of yuan will be spent, but maybe buying a car in a Mercedes Benz 4S store is the biggest competitiveness of Tengshi X.

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