Ten year end replacement / joining hybrid system Jeep Grand Cherokee is very ambitious

Posted 2021-04-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Among many automobile brands that focus on SUV models, jeep is a well deserved leader. With its outstanding off-road ability and real adventurous spirit, the brand has established a good image among the masses. Even the most basic Freeman and guider models in the product provide real off-road performance in some models, which are never sold under the off-road banner As usual. Of course, this American SUV company has a very rich product lineup, and they are also producing more luxurious models, such as the Grand Cherokee we are going to talk about today. For a long time, this car has been sold as the main product of the brand. This luxury SUV should be considered as the most atmospheric and comfortable model in FCA's lineup. Since 2016, only in the U.S. region, dache's annual sales volume has exceeded 200000, and with the addition of trackhawk model, its functionality and attractiveness have been further expanded. However, this generation of dace has been in production since 2010, which can be traced back to the Daimler era. The chassis used by the car is very old, and it has become a classic representative of SUV models in ten years. Even so, Jeep sold more than 242000 grand Cherokees last year, which is not only the best year for WG2 generation in 9 years, but also the best year for the brand since 2000. But if things want to develop, everything must change, even if it's good. Therefore, Jeep will launch a new Grand Cherokee at the end of this year, and the new car will be delivered to the buyer It may be 2021. It is reported that the new dace will use the Giorgio platform of Alfa Romeo for production. The R & D cost of this platform is 1 billion euros. The brand's Giulia car and Stelvio SUV are currently produced on this platform. However, as early as 2016, a former FCA executive said that the platform allows adjustment to support the production of other models. In terms of wheelbase, it is obvious that the large Cherokee will be longer than Stelvio. It will not only exceed 110.9 inches of Stelvio, but also be more frequent than 114.7 inches of the current large Cherokee. Obviously, this will provide a more spacious interior space for the car. However, it will still be released as a 5-seater SUV. Like all the previous Grand Cherokee, Jeep will offer 7-seater models at some time in the future, but the vehicle will be larger and the body frame structure will be adjusted, so there should not be too much overlap between them. In terms of power, it is expected that the 2.0L engine will be used as the engine of the basic power version, and we will also see a hybrid combination of the 3.6L V-6 engine and the etorque system, which will be the first time for the Grand Cherokee to be equipped with the hybrid system, so may it have the diesel version like the herdsman or ram 1500? It's very likely that the new dace will continue its family's outstanding off-road performance, and will provide the rear drive and full drive versions, as well as the high-performance version of trailhawk. Before Jeep launched the trailhawk with hemi, it's not impossible to continue to launch the trailhawk with hellcat. We don't think FCA will give up its "hellcat I" in the short term In terms of internal details, as the name of the car has a "grand", its position is naturally displayed, which will definitely be different from ordinary models. It is expected that the new car will be equipped with more luxury high-tech configuration, digital screen will replace the traditional instrument panel, and the gear shifting mechanism will also adopt the knob type design. The outgoing Grand Cherokee still has a lasting attraction in all aspects. Nevertheless, the darling of the market still needs to carry out a large-scale redesign, realize rebirth on a different platform. After the renewal, its competitiveness will continue to improve and create a new era belonging to Grand Cherokee.

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