Technology interconnection will change the life in the future

Posted 2020-08-28 00:26:24 +0000 UTC

When the fuel vehicle is fully electrified and the new energy vehicle is gradually becoming the mainstream, the intelligent new energy vehicle will become the future direction of the housing exhibition, and the emerging new technologies such as "intelligent interconnection", "shared travel" and "will also accelerate the change of our future lifestyle, but these independent technologies are just a simple start, and have always been regarded as the leader of innovative technology, Only the interconnection application of all black technologies is the smart future, and there has been a pattern and deployment in this respect, and the future life will become more intelligent and simple. At this stage, Audi believes that the plug-in hybrid technology is just a transition on the road of new energy development, and then will achieve the next milestone goal in 2018: mass production of pure electric drive vehicles. Before the comprehensive transformation, there were also innovations in the development of intelligence and networking in synchronization with electrification. For example, in the car body itself, the "full digital cockpit" design is gradually replaced. This new set of instrument panel is composed of three display screens, among which the traditional instrument panel is equipped with an OLED display screen, which can display information such as speed, battery charging state and remaining power. Its function is similar to the virtual cockpit technology. The other two displays are respectively located in the upper and lower part of the center console, and are mainly responsible for displaying the function operation, text input, GPS navigation and air conditioning adjustment of the vehicle entertainment system. It is worth mentioning that the new form of virtualization platform is not equipped with physical buttons, and the three screens can be displayed interactively when necessary. In addition, intelligent conversation is also supported on the new generation A8. We can activate multiple functions in the car through the new natural voice control unit. Destination and media information can be preset in the car or transmitted at high speed through LTE in the cloud. In addition to the above digital functions, in fact, when Audi released the new generation A8, it also released the new myaudi app simultaneously. The app enables us to seamlessly integrate individuals into the future cars, query violations anytime and anywhere, service appointment, driving navigation, road condition query and a series of functions, making vehicles more intelligent and safer. In the e-tron model, you can also know the current charging situation, remaining driving mileage, average power consumption and other information. In addition, we can activate the charging program and air conditioning system remotely, including the settable timer. The most intelligent one is the navigation system. In addition to displaying all the added vehicle positions in real time, the active route guidance work of "myaudi" app will be handed over to the vehicle, so as to realize the seamless docking of route guidance work. At the end of the trip, the last mile navigation function of app will guide us to the final destination along the rest of the road.

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