TOYOTA's donation to novel coronavirus pneumonia is 10 million yuan

Posted 2023-02-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

China novel coronavirus and TOYOTA Motor Co., Ltd., are working with TOYOTA Motor Co., Ltd. and GAC TOYOTA Motor Co., Ltd., to donate 10 million yuan to China's Red Cross Foundation and other institutions to purchase medical supplies, and support Wuhan and other areas to fight the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. On January 29, Sina motor learned from Toyota Motor Company that Toyota Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as "Toyota") and Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. jointly contributed 10 million yuan to FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. through China Red Cross Foundation and other organizations to purchase medical supplies and support Wuhan and other regions to fight against the new crown An outbreak of viral pneumonia. For the novel coronavirus, Toyota Auto Body Co President Akiotoyoda said: "first of all, we mourn the death of a new coronavirus pneumonia. At the same time, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to the patients who are fighting against the virus. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia and other government officials are paying the highest respect to fight day and night in the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia. As a company rooted in China, Toyota has many partners in China. Although I may not really appreciate your mood, I hope I can do my best to show my heart. " Toyota will continue to pay close attention to the changes in the epidemic situation, and work with all the people fighting against the virus to fully support the prevention and control of the epidemic. (Editor: Xiao Mengmeng)

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