Sincere upgrade and test drive of 2020 Yulai es8

Posted 2021-02-21 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Today, the delivery of 2020 es8 officially started. Compared with the old model, the new model Er NEDC endurance mileage has a significant improvement. Thanks to the 100kwh group, the maximum NEDC endurance has reached 580km. In addition, some changes have been made to the new car and the interior part. The front co driver has been upgraded to "Queen co driver" and the ride comfort has been further improved. In addition, through the upgrading of sensor algorithm, such as air suspension in response to bumpy road conditions, the vibration filtering performance is also upgraded. ● appearance: compared with the old model, the 2020 es8 has no significant change in modeling. The front face continues the X-bar modeling with high recognition, but the grille under the headlight has been changed to some extent. In addition, a chrome trim strip extending to the side of the car body is added under the fog lamp to add a certain sense of hierarchy. There is no difference between the body size and the old one. The length, width and height are 5022mm × 1962mm × 1756mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3010mm. The high configuration vehicle is equipped with 21 inch wheel rim and Ma brand MC6 series with self repairing function. At present, there are few models with this function in the market vehicles. The overall contour of the rear part of the car is not too different from that of the old model. It is worth mentioning that a high mounted stop lamp is added inside the roof spoiler, which almost runs through both sides of the whole roof. After lighting up, it has a high degree of identification and is also very beautiful. An orange banner is added under the es8 nameplate on the left side of the rear, which is the unique identification of the signature version. ● interior decoration: when I came to the car, the overall layout of the interior of the new es8 (parameter | inquiry) and the old model have not been changed, and the improvement is more about the details and materials. The factory officially became a dark chrome strip of "lunar eclipse chrome plating", replacing the bright chrome plating used by the old model, which looks more advanced. The center console, door panel and other parts are all paved with nappa leather material with large surface base (the base version needs to cost 25000 yuan to choose), and the material is impeccable. The two spoke steering wheel is a very special design of the es8, which can also be retained in the new model. However, the style has been slightly adjusted. The overall shape is not as complicated as that used in the old model, and it looks more concise. In addition, the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel have also been changed. The size of the full LCD instrument panel is 9.8 inches, and the size of the central touch screen is 11.3 inches. Compared with the old model, the size of the outer frame has not changed, but the screen size has increased, the product proportion is larger, and the intuitive feeling is that the black edge has become smaller. Moreover, the display quality is also excellent, and the whole interior screen experience is better. The improvement of the seats is that the new es8 series is equipped with a very special "Queen co driver" as standard, which can bring a better ride experience for the front co driver passengers, and this configuration needs to be optional on the ES6 model. It is worth mentioning that the foot pedal under the glove box adopts the electric opening and closing, rather than the electric opening and manual closing on the ES6 model. In addition, the metal audio trim panel, the super fiber ceiling and the new leather package of the third row of handrails all enhance the luxury and touch of the interior, which is better than the interior atmosphere with products of the same price. ● power combination: the new es8 (parameter | inquiry) has adjusted the motor combination and battery pack, adopting 160kW permanent magnet synchronous front motor and 240kw induction asynchronous rear motor, with the maximum power of 544hp and peak torque of 725nm. The battery pack provides three options: 70kwh, 84kwh and 100kwh. The corresponding NEDC endurance mileage is 415km, 485km and 580km respectively. It is worth mentioning that the old model also supports the replacement of 100kwh battery pack for a fee, and the NEDC mileage after replacement reaches 500km. ● site test drive: during the site test drive, the organizer prepared accelerated braking, pile winding, elk test, continuous deceleration belt, pulley block and other projects for us to experience the performance of the new es8. Due to the replacement of the electric motor, the peak torque of the new es8 is lower than the 840nm of the old model. The official acceleration time of 0-100km / h has increased from 4.4 seconds to 4.9 seconds, but it is still a member of the "4 seconds club". However, it is difficult to realize the difference of 0.5 seconds in the sensory experience of full acceleration. Thanks to the braking system from Brembo, the official braking score of 100-0km / h is 33.8m. In the pile winding process, when the vehicle is set to the motion mode, the damping of the air suspension will be adjusted harder, which will bring strong support for the body. As an electric vehicle with a curb weight of more than 2.4t, the performance of es8 in winding piles is quite good, the roll range is not large, and the vehicle tracking is very good, very flexible. The main test of elk test link is the steering sensitivity and body stability system. The test speed is not more than 60km / h for safety reasons, and the relatively wide pile barrel placement also reduces the difficulty to a certain extent. The actual test also did not bring a great test to the vehicle. The roll is also well suppressed. The intervention of the body stability system is quite timely, and there will be no excessive swing at the rear of the vehicle. In the process of continuously passing through the deceleration strip, the vehicle is first set to comfortable mode, and passing through the deceleration strip at a speed of about 50km / h is actually a relatively fast speed. The suspension can resolve the continuous bumps quite well. The whole body is quite stable when observing outside. We need to know that the test drive vehicle is equipped with 21 inch wheels. Finally, the pulley block is out of trouble, and the electric vehicles equipped with front and rear motors often have advantages in this project. Unlike the traditional fuel vehicles, which need to get out of trouble through the four-wheel drive system with mechanical structure, the electric vehicle only needs to detect the wheel slip through the sensor, and then let the wheel with adhesion output power. The same is true in actual experience. The wheel can automatically distribute power after a short slip, and the whole process of getting out of trouble is quite rapid. ● road test drive: the line in the road test drive is not long, mainly experiencing the performance of the new es8 in urban road conditions. First of all, I was deeply impressed by the power adjustment part. Although this is a powerful electric vehicle, the initial response of the accelerator pedal is not particularly sensitive, which may be due to safety considerations. The dynamic controllability of the vehicle is very good, and it is very friendly to the first-time users. The adjustment of the base plate is also as shown in the previous field test drive, with high comfort and adjustable soft and hard air suspension. The vehicle has a strong comfort when driving through the bumpy road, after all, it can withstand the test of continuous deceleration belt. In the case of large potholes, there is no strong sense of longitudinal separation in the car, and the suspension can hold the car body well. The adjustment of the brake pedal is also in place. It's very close. The travel of the brake pedal is not as short as that of many modified brakes. It's like hitting the wall when you step a little deeper. The braking force is quite linear, which also conforms to the consistent style of Brembo's products. All in all, it's a very comfortable electric car to drive. ● summary: in terms of performance, the biggest change of the new es8 is the adjustment of motor and battery pack. Even entry-level models have 415 km of NEDC range, and the old models only have 425 km at most, while the model with 100 kwh battery pack has 580 km of NEDC range, which is a considerable progress. Although some compromises have been made in terms of performance, the absolute acceleration of 0-100km / h is not as fast as it used to be, but such a change is the performance of the es8. After all, as a household, long endurance is far more attractive than acceleration. It has been proved that it can run 4.4 seconds to accelerate, and the es8 of this modification is obviously mature. The upgrading of the interior part further improves the luxury atmosphere and ride comfort, so that the competitiveness of the product is better strengthened. Moreover, all details are no longer based on the standard of a new energy model, but compared with the same price luxury brand, the experience experience has risen a level. As a modification, its all-round upgrade is sincere.

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