Shanghai gives 5000 yuan charging subsidy to consumers who buy new energy vehicles

Posted 2020-11-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Not long ago, the general office of Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the notice on several measures to boost consumer confidence and release consumer demand forcefully, which was officially implemented from today (April 23, 2020). The detailed rules are as follows: first, increase the supply of license plates. From March to the end of this year, 40000 new non-commercial passenger cars were put into operation on the basis of the original annual plan. The second is to give "old for new" fuel vehicles. Consumers in this city who scrap or transfer to other countries for four or less emission standard fuel vehicles, and purchase new six emission standard fuel vehicles, will be given a subsidy of 4000 yuan per vehicle. At the same time, actively encourage the auto sales enterprises in Shanghai to give consumers a certain margin of interest concession on the basis of government subsidies, enlarge the effect of government subsidies, and release the "exchange" demand. Third, consumers who buy new energy vehicles will be given "charging subsidies". When consumers purchase new energy vehicles, in addition to continuing to enjoy the central financial subsidies and purchase tax relief and other policies, the city will provide another 5000 yuan subsidy for the charging expenses incurred in the process of using new energy vehicles. Fourth, expand the application scale of new energy vehicles. This year, we will focus on three tasks: first, we will increase efforts to replace new energy vehicles with fuel vehicles in public areas such as public transport and taxi, and this year we plan to replace about 2500 new energy buses and 5000 taxis; second, we will accelerate breakthroughs in the application of vehicle demonstration, and support regions with conditions to increase fuel cell vehicle demonstration lines in public areas such as logistics, and within this year It is planned to build 5 new hydrogenation stations and study the layout planning and relevant supporting policies of the stations simultaneously; moreover, improve the supporting policies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, implement the "no restriction on traffic and purchase" of new energy vehicles, and continue to issue special license plates for new energy vehicles free of charge. If the consumers replace the stock fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles, the relevant departments shall allow the consumers to continue to keep the license line of fuel vehicles after providing the special license line of new energy vehicles. Fifth, we will improve the infrastructure for charging (replacing) electricity. In view of the difficulties in entering the community, taxis charging, charging safety supervision and other issues, the relevant supporting policies of the Interim Measures of Shanghai Municipality for promoting the orderly development of the interconnection of electric vehicle charging (replacement) facilities should be implemented as soon as possible. The sixth is to create an intelligent automobile consumption environment. Actively connect with the National Smart car innovation and development strategy, increase the opening of smart car application scenarios, continue to increase the scale of open road test sections, increase test scenarios, improve laws and regulations on smart car testing, access, use, supervision, etc., explore areas with conditions to take the lead in carrying out commercial operation, and create a good policy environment for smart car consumption 。 In terms of vehicle use environment, in the innovative development of night economy in Shanghai, the policy of adding temporary parking lot at night and expanding night parking resources is proposed. In addition, Shanghai will hold a series of activities of "May 5 Shopping Festival", organize marketing activities for key business districts, characteristic business streets, commercial enterprises and brand enterprises, drive physical consumption through online drainage, and promote consumption replenishment and potential release. One e-commerce platform revealed that it will invest at least 1.5 billion yuan to participate in Shanghai "May 5 Shopping Festival". The first batch of subsidized durable goods includes 55 new SAIC cars, with a minimum direct subsidy of more than 100000 yuan for each car, including, Tiguan, Volkswagen tuang and other models.

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