SAIC Maxus launched new energy euniq brand on April 22

Posted 2021-03-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In August last year, SAIC Maxus released the Mera platform, which uses intelligent modular design and is compatible with pure electric, hybrid and fuel power. It is an important support for SAIC Maxus to promote new energy strategy. Recently, Netcom learned from the official that the euniq series based on the Mera platform will be upgraded to the new energy sub brand of SAIC Maxus, and its full range models will be officially unveiled on April 22. The first model euniq 5 of Maxus was launched in September 2019 in Nanjing lighthouse factory. Three models were launched, with the price range of 169800-213800 yuan. The vehicle is equipped with 52.5kwh group, the maximum power of the motor is 85KW, the peak torque reaches 250nm, and the endurance mileage under NEDC condition can reach 350km. After euniq 5, SAIC Maxus will also launch euniq 6. The vehicle is equipped with the latest NEDC with a endurance mileage of 350km, a battery energy density of 164.80wh/kg, a total energy of 53kwh and a power consumption of 15.80kwh/100km under working conditions. In addition, the rated power of the drive motor is 65kW, and the peak power reaches 130kW. In addition, SAIC Maxus has also planned two plug-in hybrid models. Among them, euniq 5 plug in is equipped with NGC 13T double jet turbocharged model of Liy, with a displacement of 1349ml and a maximum power of 120kw. The peak power of the high-efficiency drive motor in parallel is 60kW, the peak torque reaches 160nm, and the pure electric driving mileage is 64km. Euniq 6 plug in based on D60 will be officially launched in 2020. The vehicle is also equipped with NGC 13T dual injection turbocharged engine, with the maximum power of 120kw, and the peak power of its parallel high-efficiency drive motor is 60kW. Euniq 6 plug in is equipped with 13kwh battery pack. Under the comprehensive working condition, the fuel consumption is as low as 1.5l/100km, and the pure electric endurance mileage is 60km. After a single refueling and charging, the maximum range of the vehicle can reach more than 750km.

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