Rush to the e-star market in March, the dual 10.25 inch LCD screen is very attractive

Posted 2022-07-10 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Under the influence of this year's epidemic, many people are eager to go out, even to work, which may become a relief. At present, most companies have gradually started to return to work. Although we can finally get rid of the loneliness and boredom at home, all kinds of troubles that we didn't want to work before also come with us. Scene of debauchery, Shanghai, Shanghai, for example, the most impressive impression of Shanghai's buddies is not the bustling bustling city, the bright pearl tower, but the disaster of rush hour on the commuter road. Not to mention the complicated limited license travel, for car owners, the time on the road is to train their mentality and skills. The inner ring viaduct is blocked into an air parking lot every minute, which is a routine operation. Countless car owners are even more distressed by the huge traffic flow, which makes the maximum speed less than 10km / h when there is a traffic jam. Not only to bid farewell to the full service award, but also to face the situation of being jammed, parking difficulties, high fuel consumption, etc. So more and more people prefer to pack sardine cans on the subway buses rather than drive them. In order to solve these travel problems, it is particularly important to choose a suitable car, such as the upcoming new car that PAIKE will recommend today - new energy rush to e-star. In recent two years, the rapid development of Changan new energy is obvious to all. CS15 e-pro launched at the end of last year opened the curtain of E-Family product family, and now E-Family will welcome the second member, running for e-star. The appearance design of e-star adopts the latest family design language. The design without air intake grille makes the front face very simple. In addition, the C-shaped LED daytime running light and the through under grille create a strong aggressiveness for the front of the car. On the side of the new car, the rising waistline is used to outline the dynamic body posture, and the multi-level rear design also adds a lot of fashion to the new car, with a high overall appearance recognition. Not only does the shape keep up with the current trend, but also the interior design of e-star has many highlights. The overall interior of the new car adopts two-color matching design, and uses fluorescent green decorative strips in line with the new energy and environmental protection attributes for decoration, with diamond laser engraving panels at the center console and door panels on both sides to create a good sense of grade. In addition, the e-star is equipped with a 10.25-inch dual screen, which gives the car a sense of technology. With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence seems to be more and more close to our daily life. In recent years, not only the mobile phone is becoming more and more intelligent, but also the audio, TV and even trash can are becoming intelligent. Running for e-star naturally conforms to the pace of the times. The 10.25-inch dual screen equipped with e-star is not only to look handsome, but also has a built-in "YUELIAN" intelligent system in the central control screen, which supports Internet music / radio, navigation team and other rich functions. Imagine traveling with friends to open the team building function, so that you can know each other's positions in real time. You don't need to worry about being separated from your friends even if you encounter strange roads or traffic jams. It's a good news for self driving enthusiasts. You can also find your favorite content accurately through internet music / radio while driving, so you can relax a lot on the way. In addition, regular functions such as Bluetooth phone and multi-functional steering wheel need not be mentioned. There is a voice assistant for the high-end model of e-star. Just "Hello xiao'an" can activate the voice recognition control system. Whether it's navigation, mileage query, air conditioning, weather, news and so on, it can be controlled by voice. When driving, it's also very convenient to control the vehicle, which to a certain extent ensures the driving safety. Before traveling, the owner can know the vehicle information through remote control, remote diagnosis of tire pressure, motor system, system, steering system, air bag system, etc., and know the vehicle location, remaining power, battery charging status, etc., so as to prepare for each new day. The length, width and height of e-star are 3770 / 1650 / 1570mm, and the wheelbase is 2410mm. Relatively speaking, the body size of the new car is in the middle and upper reaches of the same level, but compared with the full street and extended cars, such a small body is still very convenient to shuttle in the city, which also reduces the embarrassment of being too small to squeeze in. Although it is one, the internal riding space of running e-star is satisfactory. The high roof brings ample head space and sufficient leg space to meet the daily riding requirements. It is worth mentioning that the floor in the middle of the rear row of the new car is also flat and friendly to the middle passengers in the second row. The rear seats of the e-star also support 4 / 6 ratio reclining, and the space combination is very flexible, which greatly improves the loading capacity. The maximum volume of the rear compartment can be expanded to 530l, so it's no surprise to accommodate large volume items. In terms of small items, the whole car has designed 15 storage spaces, so that all kinds of sundries can have a suitable "shelter". Nowadays, people are more and more dependent on mobile phones. As a result, most of them suffer from "cell phone battery anxiety". Similarly, mileage anxiety is the heart knot of many car owners. Fortunately, the pure electric range of NEDC running for e-star has reached 301km, and the actual measurement can reach 320km, which is more than enough for daily short and medium distance. Even if the daily commute is 30km, running to e-star can guarantee at least one week without charging. If charging is needed, the charging interface of rush e-star is hidden behind the front logo and supports fast and slow charging. 0-80% AC slow charging takes only 8.35 hours at most, 0% - 100% AC slow charging takes 11.5 hours at most, driving home from work the night before to charge, and starting at full power the next morning. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the charging station construction in the high-speed service area, the car is no longer confined within the range of mileage as before. And running e-star fast charging from 30% to 80% takes only half an hour at the fastest, just a short rest, playing games, watching a TV series, chatting or having a meal in the service area. Different from the cheap driving quality of many micro pure electric vehicles, e-star has experienced severe adjustment for the chassis for as long as 3 months, and has adopted the hydraulic ring beam front MacPherson independent suspension and the well-known RDV damper valve system in China, plus the electric power steering system (EPS), which ensures outstanding comfort and brings a flexible sense of control at the same time. Running e-star adopts a rotary gearshift mechanism, which not only embodies the sense of refinement, but also avoids misoperation, and is very simple to start with. The new car also uses electronic parking technology to replace the traditional handbrake. Press the P gear in the center of the knob to pull the handbrake. On the basis of superior sense of control, the power performance of gallop e-star is not disappointing. The maximum power is 55kW, the peak torque is 170n ยท m, and the measured acceleration of 0-50km / h is only 4.7s. The power output is at the same level of the middle and upper reaches, so it is not a problem to deal with daily steps. The combination of sufficient power, flexible control and small body size makes the running e-star have a great driving pleasure. Benz used to be the first independent brand car of Chang'an, and now it has launched this pure electric drive Benz e-star. No matter from the design level, space practicability or the most basic driving control of the car, the performance of running e-star is remarkable. PAIKE believes that the emergence of e-star will also help the pure electric mini car get rid of the image of "low-cost car" in the minds of consumers. Chang'an new energy rush to e-star is expected to come to us in March. The good news is that from February 26 to the launch of the new car, when consumers come to the store to book a new car, they can pay a deposit at will within a certain range. When buying a car, the deposit can be doubled by 10 times to offset the purchase price, with a maximum refund of 5999 yuan. At the same time, the deposit can enjoy the policy of no reason to withdraw at will, which greatly reduces the worries of consumers. Secondly, when the consumer makes an appointment to the store and takes the unused new energy indicators to the store for test drive, he can enjoy 200 yuan of cash bonus package for test drive (each indicator is limited to one time). For the more anticipated "guaranteed buyback" policy, rush e-star will launch heavily when it goes public. Do you have any heart for such a welfare and excellent quality e-star?

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