Qichen T90 changes to MITSUBISHI 1.5T engine with the lowest fuel consumption of 6.1L

Posted 2021-05-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

T90 is the largest size under Dongfeng Qichen at present. The car was modified in the mid-term at the end of 2019, mainly for the appearance adjustment. In terms of power, it is still equipped with 2.0L natural suction. According to the official information of Dongfeng Qichen, the T90 will add 1.5T version. The 1.5T engine, code named a415td, is from Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi, and the upcoming star is also equipped with the model. After using the 1.5T engine, the T90 is more powerful than the current 2.0L engine, and some models are equipped with 48V light hybrid system, with a minimum fuel consumption of 6.1l/100km. Dongfeng Qichen launched T90 at the end of 2016, and made a successful debut with the body shape and technical endorsement of cross-border car racing. However, in terms of sales data in the past two years, T90 has declined seriously, which has something to do with appearance design and powertrain Chengdu. When the T90 was changed last year, it mainly changed its shape. The tail lamp is even very similar to the Audi Q8, but the power hasn't been adjusted. After the launch of the 1.5T version, the T90 power has greatly improved compared with the cash, and it is closer to the same level of products. Part of T90 1.5T models also include 48V light hybrid system, which is the same strategy as that adopted by qichenxing. Thanks to the addition of new engines and light mixers, the comprehensive fuel consumption of T90 1.5T model is only 6.1l-6.5l per 100km. Due to the improvement of power, it is expected that the price of T90 1.5T model will be slightly higher than the current one. However, T90 models of the same level, such as Changan cs85 coupe and trumpchi gs8, all have 2.0T versions. In the comparison of medium and high configuration, T90's power is still at a disadvantage.

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