Porsche taycan is expected to take the lead in China by launching the entry-level version in China

Posted 2020-11-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At 20:00 on April 23, a launch conference of taycan in China will be held to officially bring the first electric vehicle of Porsche brand to domestic fans. It is reported that the first delivery is the Chinese version of taycan turbo and the high-performance version of Turbo S. the entry-level taycan 4S will not be officially launched until the middle of this year. Taycan's name means a young horse with a brave face, inspired by the Leaping Horse at the Porsche Shield logo centre, which was launched in 1952. Dr. Oliver Blume, global president and chief executive officer of Porsche, said that "taycan" originated from the Oriental Language, implying that the first sports car carries the spirit of Porsche brand. There are two cars on the market, the Porsche taycan turbo and the Porsche taycan turbo s. The new car adopts a long and thin through tail light. Although taycan is a pure electric sports car and does not need an exhaust pipe, because the exhaust pipe of Porsche is a symbol of identity, Porsche still designs a square double outlet exhaust pipe trim for this car, which is similar to 4S. According to Porsche's consistent release rhythm, the models released are generally from high-level to low-level performance, so the new cars released this time are turbo and Turbo S, and the cross Turismo version and other derivatives are expected to be launched later. In terms of interior decoration, the classic design elements of Porsche are reinterpreted and introduced into the digital era. The appearance and interior of the new taycan be highly personalized, with a variety of styles from traditional to color and material designs. According to Ivo van hulten, Porsche's global interior design director, "the interior of the new taycan combines the classic design elements of the brand with the new user experience and presents in a simple and elegant form." In terms of power, taycan released turbo and Turbo S models, each of which has a permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front and rear axles. The reason why permanent magnet synchronous motor is adopted is that permanent magnet is installed on the rotor to make permanent magnetic field, which can achieve a more compact design with higher power density, thus saving component space and weight. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has the advantages of stable high power and good high temperature performance, which is suitable for high-performance motor like taycan. Porsche officials have conducted 26 consecutive 0-200km / h acceleration tests on taycan, with an average time of less than 10s and a difference of only 0.8s between the fastest and slowest results.

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