Pony Chai's autopilot is being delivered in the US.

Posted 2021-01-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Every car will still be equipped with a security officer due to the blockade caused by the coronavirus, and the demand for online orders and express delivery will surge. In this context, pony.ai said on April 17 that it will cooperate with yamibuy, an e-commerce platform, to provide goods distribution services in erwan City, which has a population of 200000. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, AMI focuses on Asian food and household goods. As nearly 90% of American consumers are at home, the demand for express delivery is surging, which makes many e-commerce platforms difficult to cope with. To solve this problem, Amazon has previously said it plans to recruit another 75000 people, including warehouse workers and delivery drivers. Xiaoma Zhixing's automatic driving team consists of 10 modified electric konas, each of which will be equipped with a safety officer. The company expects to handle 10-20 orders per vehicle at a time and 100 orders per vehicle per day. The freight service will last until mid summer. Yami network will distribute orders to these self driving vehicles on its platform. The local logistics distribution center will be responsible for sorting parcels, and then these vehicles will drive directly to the customer's mailing address. The security personnel will put them in front of the door or the customer can also take them from the trunk. The whole process does not need to be touched. "We quickly changed the existing self driving taxi fleet and used it for cargo transportation." Peng Jun, CEO of Xiaoma Zhixing, said, "I'm glad that we can help the local community to deliver the urgently needed food and packages to the residents." The partnership is the first time the self driving company has tried to deliver goods, not transport passengers. In order to contain novel coronavirus, autopilot technologies including Waymo, Cruise, Uber and Zoox have suspended the automatic driving test involving security personnel. Pony wisdom also announced that it will suspend its autopilot rental service in Fremont and Irvine, California, for three weeks from March 16. The California motor vehicle authority (DMV) last year deregulated self driving delivery services, allowing light self driving delivery vehicles to be tested and commercially used on California public roads. In early April, nuro, a Softbank backed self driving company, was also licensed by the California motor vehicle authority to test self driving cargo services in the San Francisco Bay area with a security officer. Mr. Ma hopes to get revenue from the partnership as soon as possible. It is in communication with the California motor vehicle authority to discuss whether it can get paid through freight services. However, according to California's current regulations, freight service cannot be charged without obtaining a commercial license for autonomous driving. Besides California, the company also tests autopilot in China city such as Beijing and Guangzhou. During the outbreak, many self driving vehicles were used in the transportation of medical equipment and materials to reduce the risk of infection. For example, Baidu and Neolithic unmanned vehicles were used in Beijing to deliver meals and disinfect, Navya's self driving shuttles were used in Florida to transport new crown virus test samples, kiwibot used self driving freight cars to transport disinfection products, masks and other sanitary products in Denver and Berkeley 。 Xiaoma Zhixing was founded in 2016. In the latest round of financing by leading investment in February this year, the company raised a total of 462 million US dollars, which was also supported by Sequoia Capital China and Beijing Kunlun world wide technology.

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